06 July 2006

Dear Dear Leader,

I just wanted to let you know,YOU MISSED!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it? It took a diminutive pissant like you to bring me back from my self imposed blogging moratorium. I can only imagine what would cause you to fire a missile at my home, I know Hawaii is expensive bro, but don't get all missile happy because the Japanese have outpriced you on a Maui villa.

That's right, your little shitty fireworks show has made me come back to blogging, I've been away too long, I let too many other issues divert me from this awesome experience called life. I feel reborn thanks to your missile test, it reminded me to stop navel gazing, there are still monsters in this world that would kill my family and myself if they could. I'd like to thank you and the butchers of the two soldiers in Iraq, you have reignited my flame to do something about people such as yourself. You and those like you that seek to kill, steal, and commit every horror under the sun on the innocent must not be allowed to survive. You are vermin, pure and simple, vermin must always be exterminated, and I forgot that. I got so wrapped around the axle with my own demons from Iraq that I forgot what it is I am fighting against. Thanks for taking the time to fire your shitty little missile at me.

To the blogging community, I say, I missed all of you and it's good to be back.


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