05 December 2005

To answer a critic

Here at TMSR I rarely indulge my critics with a response. But since this person acted like an adult to a degree, I feel obliged to answer their charges.

The following quotes in italics and bolded are from a person named REALITYPLEASE that posted in my comments section.

Hey! I know. Lets not talk about the enormous cluster that is Bush/Cheney's Iraq debacle. Dont talk about firing your own generals and going w/ your own "plan". 2100+ dead solders. $6 Billion a month. Instead, lets throw mud at a women who has the audacity to speak out againt the war after losing her son. Here's a couple of other items to discuss.

Dear realityplease, what enormous cluster? I've actually been to Iraq 3 times and see success after success after success. That doesn't mean Iraq is the land of Rainbow wishes and chocolate dreams, but it's better than it was under Saddam Hussein. Millions of Iraqis voting for freedom don't lie, tens of thousands of brave Iraqis standing up to fight terrorists are not an illusion, and democracy in the Middle East is happening despite the naysaying of you, members of my family, the treasonous media or the Judas, Cindy Sheehan. Make no mistake she is a Judas, she cares not for the troops at all, most communists see the military as a tool of the petty bourgeois class structure. Where did I find such a quote? From the very website of Cindy's buddies in San Francisco, the revolutionary communist party. It's funny that someone that gnashes her teeth and wails about the "poor soldiers" would involve herself with those who hate the very idea of the American military. But your feeble mind can't see past your own hatred of the president to see the greater truth; Cindy Sheehan actions have disgraced her dead son. No matter the son's political views, I'm sure he is revolted by her siding with Maoists, the greatest murderers of the 20th century.

Let's dissect your other arguments, shall we? Generals are relieved if they shame themselves, the military, or the nation. We have a civilian command structure for a reason. Bush going with his "own plan" is what a president does. He outlines the overall strategy for victory and then has the military fill in the details and make it happen. It has always been thus, who are you to criticize the very successful American way of war that has dominated for 200+ years? As for the combat losses, each one is a tragedy that I would not wish upon anyone, but they were soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. Their sole job is to be that thin line that protects us all from peril. That means fighting and fighting means killing and both sides lose people in war. No one was drafted against their will, and if you look at the year, it's 2005, almost 2006, you might learn something from the following. Most enlistments are 4 year ones, it has been nearly 4.5 years since 9/11, and it has been nearly 3 years since we invaded Iraq. The forces we put in the field now are made up of a majority of people that want to fight this war. The reenlistment numbers bear this out quite well. In a 4 year period nearly anyone who wanted out of the military could get out, and yet we are experiencing record reenlistment rates. Here's one quote from the article Every one of the Army's 10 divisions — its key combat organizations — has exceeded its re-enlistment goal for the year to date. Those with the most intense experience in Iraq have the best rates. The 1st Cavalry Division is at 136 percent of its target, the 3rd Infantry Division at 117 percent.

That must stick in your craw that a defeatist like you can't stand that the soldiers are voting with their feet to fight this war and to win it. You address cost, 6 billion a month you say, to that I respond with this; Who is the grotesque one here? You who are willing to put a prictagge on freedom, or me who knows that true freedom has no price that isn't worth paying. So yes I'll continue to "throw mud" aCindydSheehanan or anyone else who claims to have the best interests of soldiers in mind, when their actions betray their true hatred for those same soldiers.

So now on to your other its of wisdom you wanted to share with me.

Bogus aluminum tubes, remote winged aircraft, mobile chem labs

Ramped up pre-war bombing

Diverting of funds from Afganinstan to Iraq

Forgive me if I take them a few at a time, I have a sensitive stomach that doesn't handle trash very well.

Bogus aluminum tubes???? As someone that has spent nearly 1/3 of my life dealing with intel, let me say this; We get bad info all the time, you act on what you have, sometimes you are right, sometimes you geembarrasseded. I'd rather bembarrasseded and have acted than not acted and pay a terrible price later.

Ramped up pre-war bombing? As someone who was in those invasion columns that rode into Iraq, let me say this loud and clear. GOD BLESS THE AIR FORCE!!! They took out large chunks of the Iraqi army in that pre war bombing. It ensured I and many thousands of other ground troops survived. I doubt you find many American military members that are upset about the bombing campaign. Our job is to kill the enemy anyway we can and I have no feelings of shame about killing them before a Congressional vote. Killing is never a good thing, but if the choice is premetpive bombing to protect American lives or no bombing that leads to more American casualties, what do you think the American people would prefer?

Diverting of funds? Well, we have ten times the number of troops in Iraq versus Afghanistan, so diverting of funds sounds like a damn smart idea to me. The more funds we can get into Iraq the better. Afghanistan is doing much better overall than Iraq, so why would you object to sending money to where it is needed more?

Pat Tilman

Jessica Lynch

Gonzolez memos labelling quaint & not
applicable the Geneva Convention guidelines for prisoner treatment.

Abu Grape

Pat Tillman died an American hero and was killed in a tragic accident. There is this thing called the fog of war, sometimes we know exactly how someone died, sometimes we get it wrong and we tell an inaccurate story of a person's death. Usually after time we get it right. Cmon, don't tell me that Pat Tillman's death is Bush's fault? More logic from the Cindy Sheehan school of blaming Republicans.

Ditto for Jessica Lynch, she was captured, she survived, we got part of her story wrong, as more evidence came out, the PENTAGON revised it's version of events. Don't tell me you're one of those people who watch a war movie on TV and think it's really easy to follow the action in actual combat.

Gonzalez memos.......... too touchy feely for me and most military members I know. If we are going to hurt people, let's do it the right way, and take what information they give us and use it.

Abu Ghraib, well let's see, those who tortured were punished, and new guidelines were put in place to prevent a repeat performance? What else is there to say?

Using the troops in staged "news" events

Joe Wilson smear

Valerie Plame outing

Libby indictment

Exactly how are the troops used in staged events? Bush travels to military bases to hear from the troops and to encourage them. It is a war, should he act differently?

Joe Wilson is a coward who is using his partisan beliefs to smear a President, you got the smear part right, but the wrong target.

Valerie Plame was not a covert agent anymore. Again as a former intel person, I know the rules on this one. If someone has not been at a foreign station for five years, they are no longer a covert agent. Here let me help you see the light, get it through your noggin, she was not a covert agent, if this case ever goes to trial it will likely be thrown out once we get down to the brass tacks of the matter.

As for Libby, poor Scooter, it looks like he lied and if convicted he must pay. I have no sympathy for him, he probably did something wrong, he got caught and that's the end of the story. Not like a certain former president who was charged with perjury and obstruction ojusticece and kept his job. Libby, if guilty will pay and that's that.

CIA secret prisons - E.U. warning that any E.U. country discovered to have hosted CIA prisons will face "serious consequences," including losing its E.U. voting rights.

Fake & restricted town hall meetings

Bush speaking to captive audiences only

Promising to fire anyone involved in the CIA leak

My wife and I had this very talk the other night, CIA secret prisons make me feel warm all over. Unlike you, I have seen the actions of these animals firsthand. Were I the leader of America, secret prisons would be the nicest thing these assholes received. You see the difference is, in Iraq and Afghanistan, the terrorists plan whole missions dedicated to killing innocent civilians. We, accidentally kill innocents and then do what we can for surviving family members. If I had it my way, these bastards would not be drawing breath any longer than their useful intelligence value required them to.

Fake and restricted town hall meetings? I have yet to see a fake one, I'm sure on your feverish leftwing site you have found something you have latched onto to. As for restricted meetings, does not the President have the carte blanche to speak to whom he wants? He holds press conferences, he speaks to congress at least once a year and goes on numerouforeigngn policy trips, don't get your panties in a twist if he doesn't speak to "Democrats Committed to Imprisoning Bush" whenever you guys want to throw feces at him.

Captive audiences you say? What branch of the Federal govt. is holding the people at gunpoint forcing them to listen to W's drawl? If you know what branch, can you tell me, I'd like to hold people hostage and make them read Greek and Roman classics and I could use a little Federal muscle to make it happen.

Finally, you said promising to fire anyone involved in the CIA leak. Well how can you fire a guy if he resigns, so far Scooter Libby is the only person implicated and indicted. He resigned, but in your little world, you just know Karl Rove and Cheney are involved, no matter that Pat Fitzgerald has said nothing about either one. Try living in the reality based world instead of your little dementia, oops I mean dimension.

One note: I did delete a few more quotes from REALITYPLEASE, but they involved the usual tin foil hat nuttery of "Bush served plastic turkey to the troops", and the "downing street" memos which have been discredited by anyone with a 3rd grade reading level.

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