08 December 2005

Let's use hate speech to protest what we think is hate speech

You have to hand it to liberals, their logic train left the station long ago and they still expect to be taken seriously. Ann Coulter (who I have several disagreements with, but also agree with on certain other issues) was giving a speech at UCONN and the campus whackadoo left came out to protest her. No problem using freedom of speech to tell someone you don't like their ideas, but there's a problem with the following from the article;

Just before the event, Students Against Hate held an alternative event focusing on discrimination at UConn and intended to provide "balance" to the Coulter talk. During the talk several students from various racial groups and of various sexual orientations spoke about how harsh words have wounded them.

That by itself would have been fine, but during the speech the following resulted;

After waiting with her bodyguard on stage for several minutes for the music to stop while a section of the audience chanted "You suck, you suck," an irritated Coulter said she would not finish her speech.

So let's have a session where we talk about how harsh words have wounded us and then let's go engage in harsh words to hurt another. WOW!!!!! Only a leftist would see this as fair and balanced, let's console each other and then go bash someone we hate.

Also from this article I have learned the term Asian chick is no longer appropriate to be used in casual conversation.

Hana Kim, 20, of Stamford, cried as she recalled her experience hearing two young men express shock and disapproval in a loud conversation that a friend was dating an "Asian chick."

I don't think Ms. Kim is going to enjoy the real world very much. Imagine her encountering the following things.

Census forms

How would she identify herself, is female ok, is person of Far Eastern Hemispheric descent ok?


Would she refuse to eat at a restaurant that was Chinese or Persian? What if the restaurant was titled "Food made from items and recipes found in the eastern hemisphere of planet earth where people of a Sino ethnic group live"

Grocery stores

Could she handle going into an Asian market? Or a Greek Deli? Would she fight to have them called Market of food for people that come from the region known as the far east or a Deli with food from people who developed Western Civilization? And what the hell would she do if she thought Western Civilization was evil and it's name offended her.

The point is the whackadoo left is so bizarrely insane that they see the terms Asian chick as hurtful and they see Ann Coulter as hateful so any insanity they resort to in the fight against such things is justified.

And they wonder why we on the right are always laughing at them as we win election after election.


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