25 November 2005

What a disgrace

This week, we have seen the Democratic Party engage in treachery most severe. We have seen them hew and haw for months that we need to get out of Iraq and then back off from that statement. They advance and retreat this theme whenever they want to get the media headlines back under their control. This week, a respected Democratic House member call for a withdrawal from Iraq, the Republican party asked the democrats to put their money where there mouth was and vote for withdrawal and the dems refused. In fact the man that called for withdrawal, Jack Murtha voted against withdrawal himself. The Democratic party tried to claim this was a cheap political stunt, my question is what is cheaper; To say one thing and then do another or to actually be forced to put your opinion on the record and have our fighting forces judge you as the cowards that you are. Furthermore, what does this mixed message send to my friends, to me and to the hundreds of thousands of other Americans who have fought and still are fighting around the world to rid us all of the evil of our time?

Non-military members will never understand, soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines live to serve this nation. They spend every minute of everyday in service to something greater than themselves. They honestly believe they are fighting for a better America, and a better world. What must they think when they see the antics of the democratic party? I'll tell you what they think, most soldiers feel betrayed, they feel that our country is turning against them and nothing will destroy a soldier more than for him or her to believe their country is against them. I rarely swear or lose my temper, but today I have, so bear that in mind when you read the following.

It's a fucking disgrace that one political party would betray our fighting forces in the middle of a war. When you are in a war, you fight to win, you fight to destroy the enemy, you fight and you kill and you bring maximum violence to your enemies, because that violence will bring you home to that which you hold most dear. As a veteran of this war, I know one thing, that the way home lies in the destruction of as much evil as possible.

Now we have elected leaders doing their damnedest to poison the relationship between the military and the country. It's poison to let soldiers think they are unappreciated, it's poison to let wounded veterans believe the war was wrong, they have given blood and bone for God's sake. A very piece of themselves has been destroyed forever to make us all safer and yet we have elected leaders of one party who wish to take a shit all over that sacrifice. Soldiers want nothing more than to be loved by their country, for their country to love them as much as they love it. They believe in the notions of honor, sacrifice and above all else love. The love military members have for this country allows them to get up every day for a year and go out and face evil. Day after day after day, they wake up, put on pounds and pounds of heavy, stifling gear, pick up their weapons and go forward to find, fix and kill an enemy that is so vile, so utterly disgusting, it will viciously kill children playing with toys or rape women doing nothing more than trying to teach people how to vote. This is what we are fighting to destroy, this is the evil that exists in the world, this is the force responsible for 2100+ dead American men and women, and yet we have a political party in our country that wants to "bring the boys home", to yank them away from that fight, to retreat in the face of evil and give evil a victory over free peoples. How dare they, how dare the Democratic party betray those fighting for us. I am a good Christian and I'm not supposed to judge, but in this case I believe I must. The Democratic Party of today is on the cusp of betrayal of America's military, ironically for the second time in my lifetime. They are not for the troops, if they were for the troops, they would be advocating victory, not withdrawal. Victory and this nation are what soldiers fight for, they don't fight for withdrawal schedules or vote getting strategies. Soldiers on the ground more than members of Congress understand the evil they are fighting, and now those same men and women in uniform are forced to listen to a debate that has been generated by fringe groups that hate this country and are using one political party to achieve defeat. What a disgrace that the military is getting criticisms from a fat slovenly coward of a filmaker from Flint, Michigan and a psychotic bereaved mother of a dead soldier that has sold her soul to Anti-American organizations. What a disgrace that the members of one political party elected to lead us are cowards, unwilling to finish this fight. What a disgrace that these leaders would sacrifice the morale and esprit de corps of our military to gain political points. What a disgrace to continuously call for the withdrawal of our troops and then when forced to vote for that idea, to reject it en masse. What a disgrace that our men and women in uniform must watch from 7,000 miles away as one party in our government works to destroy all that they have fought, bled, and died for.

I am ashamed that I voted for a democrat at age 18, I am ashamed that nearly half this country would vote for cowards such as these, I am most ashamed at what this cowardice does to our fighting forces, nothing will destroy their morale faster than the belief that this country does not believe in their mission. The cowardice of the democratic party will echo and reverberate within the ranks of the military causing doubt and depression to replace confidence and the belief that our mission is just. What a disgrace.

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