28 November 2005

The trolls pop up and the trolls get shot down

Well it seems those crazy folks at Democratic Underground have decided they don't like me exposing them for the vermin they are and so they are sending trolls at me to spam my comments section. That's cool, I can hang. I even saw an appearance by my family member troll. Since her only reason to come here is disruption, she was banned again. If she comes back with her negative attitude we will do a full range IP ban and if the problem persists, ISP's will get involved. This site is for me and my views, all opinions are welcome and will always be tolerated. That being said outright harassment or posting only to flame me will not be tolerated. We can discuss anything rationally, I have several liberals that comment frequently that I get along with and we have disagreements but are still civil to one another. Act like an adult and follow my rules and you'll do just fine. If not out comes the ban stick and away you go.


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