05 November 2005

Project Valour-IT

Want to do everything possible to help soldiers? Want to make a difference for some of our wounded heroes? If the answer is yes, then check this link out. Project Valour-IT is a project that provides voice-controlled software and laptop computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand and arm injuries or amputations at major military medical centers. Operating laptops by speaking into a microphone, our wounded heroes are able to send and receive messages from friends and loved ones, surf the 'Net, and communicate with buddies still in the field without having to press a key or move a mouse. Those who have given the most are going to be given the best to allow them to have normal fulfilling lives. We as Americans must not let these brave men and women down. In the struggle for freedom and justice these men and women have sacrificed with blood and bone, this is a chance for us to repay a small part of that debt.

Now in the long tradition of intraservice rivalary the 4 branches are running 4 different teams. Of course the Army team is being led by blackfive, but anyone can donate. If you are an army blogger and want to help out, go here and sign up. Remember people we can't let the Squiddies, the Zoomies or the Devil Puppies beat us. Just kidding everyone, just donate to this noble and worthy cause if yo can.


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