04 November 2005

Moonbat Central happy Contractors are killed in Iraq

Well, well, well, it seems the loony left has taken a step closer to the abyss known as insanity. I was surfing through the slime over at Democratic Underground, and I came across this gem of a thread. Apparently the moonbats are as stupid as they are evil. Being divorced from reality is hard, but the true moonies do it with style. Apparently they are ignorant when it comes to the various roles contractors play in Iraq. A few of my favorite quotes are:

matt819: These folks are mercenaries, pure and simple. You can attach other labels to make it sound nicer - private contractors, for example - but they are in it for the money, they carry weapons, and they kill people. That makes them mercenaries. Sorry folks, not a lot of sympathy here.

leesa: So it goes, no sympathy

bluestateguy: Kind of makes you wonder about the wisdom of going to war for profit
They should take a hint and get out of Iraq. Unlike the troops, they have a choice, and they are making a hell of a lot more money than the troops are too.

Vidar: Good riddance

The hatred the left has for some Americans in Iraq is on full display in this thread. Not that I'm at all surprised, but when I come across things like this, it reinforces my beliefs that the democratic party, at least the left wing that is almost half of their numbers is truly batshit crazy and hate filled.

So a few facts for the deranged left wingnuts;

1. Most contractors in Iraq love their country and are motivated by patriotism and service, don't get me wrong, the money is a benefit, but it's rarely "all about the money". I have been three times to serve my country, the money made it easier, but I'd go back for much much less.

2. The DUmmies, did get one thing right, most of us are former military that are retired, joined the private sector out of the service, or are just veterans that still want to give. I guess they only care for the soldiers that they can use as props for their poisioned agenda and don't care about contractors that do not allow them to score political points.

3. Most contractors do not carry weapons, most are unarmed when they leave the FOB's, of course the PSD guys are always armed as are some of the groups training police, but most of us are not armed, or some arm themselves without their companies knowing. And I can say that contractors rarely kill, self defense is everyone's right, but if you follow the DU logic, contractors are scum and they should not be allowed to defend themselves.

4. What the loony left always forgets is that we all have a choice, no one MUST join the military, people volunteer to do so and when they take that oath, they know full well they stand a great chance of going to war. When a contractor takes a job, he or she volunteers and can leave, but at the loss of much of the money, the job that sent them there and in many cases they suffer a blacklisting in their community. Granted soldiers cannot leave at all, but to say that contractors have a choice where soldiers don't is ridiculous. Everyone that is in Iraq or Afghanistan volunteered to be there, saying anything less is disengenious.

Everyday over at that site, there are message threads dedicated to the deaths of contractors, or wishes for Bush to be killed, or for enough soldiers to die that the public turns against the war. You rarely see anyone wishing us victory, or lauding the troops for fighting terrorists or support for the War on Terror at all. The hypocrisy of the left in these matters is beyond question and yet everyday like tireless automatons they decry and denounce the Republican Party as the party of hate and evil. All the while they defend anti-semites, terrorists, and communists, so who's evil again?


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