06 November 2005

Antiwar hero looks like a liar.

Sergeant Jimmy Massey has been one of the darlings of the antiwar left, telling group after group what barbarians Americans fighting forces are, how callous they, how they relish gunning Iraqis down for no reason. He has a book out in France about this very subject that is quite popular. There's only one problem. Jimmy Massey is lying. Today there are two articles that talk about his smears against our brave and heroic fighting forces. One is from the St. Louis today newspaper and the other article comes from the Bradenton Herald. Apparently most of Mr. Massey's stories of the butchery he claims to have witnessed American soldiers taking part in never really happened at all. I'm never one to pile on a person, but in this case, I believe Mr. Massey deserves what he gets for trying to destroy the image the American people have of their military. If this was just a mistake I could forgive him, but he penned a book and profited off of his lies about the men and women fighting to protect us from evil. Of course, the antiwar left and their friends in the media did nothing to check his stories out, they believed him because they already believe our military is full of criminals, murderers, sadists and worse of all to them Bush voters. First there was the debacle of Cindy Sheehan and now the antiwar forces will have to deal with this man and his lies. So the left defends liars that smear brave soldiers, the left defends a woman that used her son's death to promote her political agenda and the left defends the insurgents in Iraq. Like I asked yesteday, who is evil?


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