17 October 2005

Update on the Constitution #2

Salahdin province voted down the Constitution 78% said no 20% said yes. So that means the 2 provinces of Iraq that had the most to lose with Hussein being overthrown have now decided they want to remain poor and downtrodden in the new Iraq. Both Salahdin and Al Anbar are where most of Saddam's terror soldiers came from, Fallujah was known as the place where Republican Guard officers came from, Tikrit was Saddam Hometown and the primary recruiting place where Special Republican guards came from. They had the most to lose with Saddam's overthrow and have reacted like spoiled children. Mosul by contrast which was a place many Regular Army officers came from approved the Constitution by a wide margin, showing that only the thugs, tyrants, and former criminal leaders of Baathist Iraq want to see the country fail. Unless MASSIVE voter fraud is uncovered, we can put this baby to bed, the people of Iraq voted with their hearts, they voted for an end to terror, for freedom, and for the future of their children.

On a side note, there is talk of voter fraud here in Iraq in the Shiite South and the Kurdish north. The reason? 90% or more voter turnout. Call me a skeptic, but if I had lived under a dictator for nearly 25 years I would sure as hell make sure I voted for a Constitution that erased the dark legacy of that man. The Shiites and Kurds have been persecuted in Iraq for centuried by whatever country ruled this place, now that the power is in their hands, people are surprised that they voted almost universally as a group? Give me a freakin break!

Watch the antiwar moonbat crowd at DU spin this into the next non story. They will probably believe it as gospel just like they believe 10,000 American soldiers have died here and that Bush used Chemical weapons in Fallujah. But hey, don't believe me, just go to their site and watch the moonbats howl.


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