07 October 2005

These are the times....

It should end with "that try men's souls", but I'm not sure that's an apt statement. It's been a strange few weeks for me with regards to my political beliefs. The drumbeat of anger that poured forth from the Libertarian and Fiscally conservative wing of the Republican party over Federal relief for the victims of Hurricane Katrina was very distressing. I consider myself a strong Christian and watching the President on TV tell the nation that he would lead an effort to rebuild the Gulf Coast filled my heart with the joy that serving her in Iraq has done. As a Christian I believe sacrifice and compassion are two of the legs that hold up the Christianity table. So watching the criticism that poured forth from the blogosphere was incredibly hard to read about. I see the victims in New Orleans, I see the kids in Kirkuk, they are the same in my eyse. Both of them have had their lives destroyed by forces outside their control, both of them are in pain that is both physical and mental. The people of New Orleans and Mississippi are human beings, and we as their fellow human beings have a duty to appease their suffering. The fact that these people are American citizens makes it all the more our duty. I have avoided writing about Katrina because I was embarrassed that some many of my "so-called" ideological soulmates were more concerned about their pocketbook and less concerned with the responsibility of helping people. I know that many will now label me a "big government conservative" or even a leftist, but you know what labels from strangers don't mean anything to me when I see a chance for my country to right a wrong. The wrong isn't important, some people say race, some say poverty, some have other opinions. The point is, that correcting the wrong matters more than naming the wrong. It's hard to fight the good fight in Iraq when I see so many greedy bastards back home, more concerned with how much is in the bank of man and have not one care in the world how overdrawn they are in the Bank of God.


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