17 October 2005

Late to the Tag Dance, but gonna play anyway

My good friend over at Ma Deuce Gunner tagged me with 7 questions to answer, I'm a little late in getting the news. Desultory Butterfly had to tell me I had been tagged. I've been a little busy and thought no one cared enough to tag me. I was wrong, so now I shall do my best to answer deez questions.

Seven things I want to do before I die:
1. Write a book about my 10 years of experiences in and out of the military in some of the world's most dangerous places
2. Scuba Dive in Palau
3. Be the best husband I can
4. See the band Dredg in concert
5. Start my own church (but a cool one where all are welcome and we talk about being better people in life instead of focus on dogma)
6. Run for political office in Hawaii
7. Live everyday of my life to its fullest, knowing that when I die I earned the life I was given

Seven things I can do:
1. Fix an ASAS computer (computer used by military intelligence)
2. Give you a history lesson on any war in human history
3. Grill any meat known to man to perfection
4. Scuba Dive
5. Car Dance like a mofo
6. Spend money like a woman (Yeah I know)
7. Predict football game winners with 95% accuracy rate. (Tis true honestly)

Seven things I cannot do:
1. I cannot spell the word voicerferously
2. Make coherent thoughts on my blog, it all seems so random and jumpy to me
3. Understand the difference between Net and Gross income
4. Understand libertarianism (It all seems so selfish and amoral to me)
5. I cannot eat Broccoli, no matter how much cheese is on it
6. I can't run long distances anymore
7. I cannot see myself with another woman for the rest of my life. I got one, she's perfect.

Seven things I say a lot :
1. That's a whole different kind of gay you've got going on.
2. Right on
3. Sorry, I'm not going to be your dancing monkey today.
4. I truly believe our mission in Iraq is one of the most noble things I've ever seen our country do
5. I miss my wife.
6. I miss my dogs
7. God, give me the strength to do my duty, the patience to deal with the people I despise, and the faith to know that our mission here will not be in vain. Amen

Seven things I find attractive in a female:
1. My wife, but for the purpose of science I'll try to think outside the wedding ring
2. Curly hair
3. Tall women
4. Dolphin trainers
5. Intellifunny
6. All of these apply to my wife
7. I could not think outside the wedding ring afterall

Seven celebrity crushes? (My wife thinks it's healthy that I have celeb crushes so here goes)
1. Eliza Dushku
2. Miranda Otto
3. Nicole Kidman
4. I think that's all
5. But I can't really think of anymore
6. My wife probably could
7. But shes's not here


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