08 October 2005

The 10 songs of the Hummingbird

My wife and I met over 8 years ago on an Army exercise. Our first date was to see the movie "Con Air" with Nicholas Cage. In the movie Nick's character calls his wife his hummingbird, I thought it was pretty cool, so I started calling my wife (girlfriend at the time) "Hummingbird". With my southern drawl, it was something she loved, so it stuck as a name I use to express my love for her. As I've said a couple of times, I'm quite a geek that makes lists, and compiles statistics, so I put together a 10 song list of songs I listen to when I think about my wife and our life together. I'm a little worried how in touch with my feelings I am. I need to go kill a cow and roast it over open flames or something, that would make me feel manly. Anyway here's the list with a brief explanation of each song. These songs are in no order.

10. Bryan Adams-----Heaven
This song was on the first CD I ever borrorwed from her, I told her I lost it, but I really just scratched it and was too embarassed to tell her. I still have this CD.

09. The Cure----Pictures of you
Just a great song, I listen to this one and look at my pictures of her.

08. Foo Fighters----My Hero
My wife grew up in a semi-poor family. She graduated high school, joined the Army, got her degree and made something out of herself in circumstances that would have crushed other people. She and my dad are my 2 greatest heroes.

07. Kelly Clarkson----Breakaway
This song to me is a tribute to both of us, small town kids that went and did something so different and spectacular from our peers. Last year we made a break with everything we knew and stepped off of a giant cliff by moving to Hawaii. It was something we both wanted, but the risks were enormous. We prayed about it, and our faith led us to take that first step. This song to me is about that first step.

06. The smiths----Ask
She might not remember this one, but my memory is long and vast. I had a "the best of the smiths" album and this song was on it. I remember the first time I played this song when we were going somewhere. I have a painful confession to make beforehand. I'm a car dancer, I have a serious case of car dance fever. If there is a song on that I like, I'll "shake it like a Polaroid picture" in the car. Well anyway the first time I played this song, my wife got a case of Car dance fever. Up until that point in our lives, it was one of the cutest things I'd ever seen her do. She has since surpassed this level of cuteness, but as Metallica says "the memory remains".

05. Dashboard Confessional----Hands Down
In this song, the lead singer describes a date with a girl and all the emotions and feelings he is experiencing. This song reminds me of when we were dating before we were married. All of those emotions of not knowing what's going to happen next, the butterflies in your stomach towards someone you truly love. The uncertainess of being, life and love, the hot rush that washes over you at the moment of that first kiss......

04. Evanessence----My Immortal
This song is special to me, because my wife sang it to me once. My God my wife has a voice! At one point she was looking at acting or singing as a career when we were dating, but she found another love in life as a dolphin trainer. I just remember that one moment in time when she sang most of this song to me on a drive home from my parents house in the Texas Hill country.

03. Tonic----If you could only see (Acoustic version)
This was our song, I think it was OUR FIRST song. And for that it makes the list.

02. Ever Stays Red----I'll Let the Whole World Know
My wife has always worn her faith on her sleeve, unafraid to express her love for God. I was not very religious when we met, I had faith, but was cynical. She didn't give up on me, she let me find God on my own. Now he is central to what I believe our lives are about. In the song, there is a line about "God being the one real truth", I think that without my wife I never would have realized that. And as a result of her patience and love, I now am unafraid to "let the world know" about my love for God.

01. 311----Amber
I don't think my wife even really likes this song, but it reminds me of our life in Hawaii. I have a compilation on my IPOD called Hawaii Dreaming, and this is the first song on the list. I close my eyes and I can see us on the beach near our little Hawaiian cottage in Makaha just watching the waves. One more month and I can stop imagining and start living this dream.

Anyway that's the list.


P.S. Hey hummingbird, the night before we go on vacation I want us to check into a Hotel and go hit the dance clubs. <---this doesn't really belong on the blog, but that's amore.


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