11 August 2005

What will it be?

Recently the U.S. military here in Iraq has taken some hard hits, the Marines in Al Anbar province, the 48th National Guard Brigade from Georgia, and the 42nd Infantry Division in Samarra all took larger than normal casualties. And like some grotesque clockwork nightmare, the anti war crowd stepped up their rhetoric to bring "the troops" home now. I am sick and tired of hearing that siren call to bring us all home. Apparently the people that believe this have no idea what will happen if we do what they want. The effect will be two fold if we cut and run right now.

1. If we leave Iraq, militant Islam will understand that 2000 American military deaths are all we can sustain before we cry uncle. They will understand the key to defeating us is to kill a few thousand of us and we will wring our hands and say it isn't worth the price we are paying. It shows how far we have fallen as a country when whole segments of our society are not willing to pay the price or victory. Our cowardice if we leave now will be the most important victory militant Islam has ever experienced. Our humiliation will be complete as the few muslim moderates that exist will realize that we do not stand for anything if it will cost us lives. Our defeat will be complete and total. Never again will we have the chance to destroy the plague that is militant Islam. In fact their numbers will swell as many realize the one beacon of freedom in the world will flee if you bloody its nose.

2. The second effect will be felt by the Iraqi people. If we leave, the militants aren't just going to go home, their nihilistic behavior will carry over to attacks on the Iraqi people. Those deemed not religious enough, or not Arab enough will be the first to suffer. The rape rooms of Srebenica will pale in comparison to the degradation of women that will take place here. The killings in the Yugoslav civil wars will be but a pittance as the secular Kurds are left to fight the Sunni militants as well as the Iranian backed terror groups. What few liberals exist in Iraq will flee or die, women will be enslaved, girl children sold off as brides at age 9 and ten, and the black abaya will be everywhere. Men that don't grow their beards in accordance with Islamic law will be shot in the streets, boys will be taught hatred from birth. They will also be taught that women are property, not worthy of respect or love. Iraq, once a potential beacon of democracy will become a California sized country where 26 million people will live in the darkness of a tyranny worse than the one we freed them from. Iraq will cease to be a nation and its people will know only misery and despair.

That's what your cowardice will give the people of Iraq, those of you who don't understand the stakes we are playing for need to know this. Defeat in Iraq will bring the terror of 9/11 to our shores again. It will bring it to us, because terrorists will know once and for all we are cowards who do not understand that they the terrorists will never quit once they have caused us to flee Iraq.

Our only other option is to continue the struggle, 130,000 Americans are fighting the good fight today. Our men and women in uniform are our best line of defense. Victory in Iraq will be a death blow to militant Islam. Everywhere they will be facing increasing hatred of their twisted beliefs, deprived of victory in Iraq, these so-called "holy warriors" will be cornered and can be destroyed once and for all. So far over 1800 of our best and brightest have fallen in Iraq, their sacrifices should not be forgotten because some in our country are cowards unwilling to do the hard work necessary to defeat the evil of our time. Make no mistake about it, we are the force for good, we are fighting evil. Perhaps the greatest evil we have seen since Adolf Hitler himself, our enemies are willing to kill children at play to meet their aims, they are willing to rape and kill women that dare to help organize elections, they are willing to use a rusty knife to saw the head off of those who only wish o aid and comfort the Iraqi people. There is no negotiating with these people, there is no compromise with such fanatics. One can only dispatch them to their twisted visions of paradise.

What will it be America, will we have the strength of our forefathers and fight this evil to the ends of the earth, or shall we surrender and watch the horror unfold before us because we lacked the courage to do what was right?


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