26 August 2005

Happy Birthday beautfiul

Dear Jan,

Another birthday has come and yet again I am off on some adventure in search of fulfilling my idealistic beliefs. I just wanted to write a few words to tell you how my life has changed since we met.

That first time I saw you at that meeting on Fort Hood where you asked General Scwartz that question about the hot water in your barracks, I knew I loved you. Love at first sight is such a cliche in our society today, but that's what it was. I approached you after the meeting and asked you some dumb random question that I don't even remember now. I just wanted to be near you, to hear your voice sweet and light tinkling like bells. I asked some people in your unit about you and they told me you had a boyfriend and I remember being crushed. Then fate threw me a curveball and assigned us to work the same shift in the same location during a Communications Exercise. I remember walking by your office that first night and seeing you in there, I remember trying to talk myself into actually going up the steps and just starting a casual conversation with you. What I never told you is I walked by that open door 10 or 15 times before I actually mustered the courage to come and say hi. I was as nervous as my first date in high school, I had sweaty palms and felt flush in the face. All of that and I was just sitting there watching your CNN feed while you typed that email. Of course I couldn't resist reading over your shoulder and I saw you talking about the Tongdaemun Market in Seoul, South Korea. AHA!!! I had my opening, having spent a year in Korea myself I now had something to talk about with you. I remember we were on shift from 1900 to 0700 and we must have talked from Midnight til about 0600. We learned so much about each other in six hours, I found out yes you had a boyfriend, but he was in California and you weren't happy with your relationship. I remember trying to not get too excited at that news, I remember promising myself that I wouldn't try and "steal" you. I remember we had so much in common we decided that maybe we should hang out as neither one of us had a lot of friends. I remember sneaking out to your car ( you described it perfectly BTW) and leaving you a note with my phone number and telling you I thought we were going to be great friends. Of course Karma was already working on us, as you had done the same and left a note on my car.

I remember our first hang out "date", but "not really date". You were moving from your old barracks into the new ones and I volunteered to help you move. You scratched and dented the hood of my car and you were so horrified, I remember laughing my ass off. Anyway we moved your stuff and went to Appleby's the finest cuisine in Killeen, Texas. A few days later I went on a trip to Arizona for a few weeks and we talked by phone everyday. What I never told you was that I was eating fast food to pay for the phone bill, but it was worth every Mcnugget. While I was gone you and your boyfriend broke up and we decided to go out and see if we clicked. I came home, we went out and now we fast forward 8 years.

We have been married 7 of those 8 years now baby, and you are without a doubt the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. You are my sunrise and my sunset, my muse and my inspiration, when we are apart I hear your voice on the wind and keep thoughts of you in my heart. I am truly blessed to have such an incredibly beautiful, smart, sexy, funny, amazing woman like you in my life. You are the other half of me and when we are apart, the lonesome part is all that's left of me. As I said in a previous post, you are my wife, my life, and my love. Soon this Iraq trip will be over and we'll be back together, and I don't think I'm leaving you again for a while. It's not the heat, or the bugs, or even the bad guys that make these deployments so hard, it's not getting to seeing your face in the morning, it's not being able to kiss your lips goodnight, and it's not being able to hold you when you nap on the big couch. Those are the things I miss most and desperately want back.

It's your birthday beautiful, know this: Someone in Northern Iraq loves you with all his heart and misses you terribly. 51 days until I board that bird for Kuwait and in 60 I'll be home. Happy Birthday my hummingbird,

Love you with my mind, body,and soul



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