14 July 2005

There are no heroes among the insurgents

Among the left we often hear that the insurgents are "Arab minutemen" or they are heroes in their own right. I have a message for our friends on the left; heroes do not kill children. Heroes do not bring misery and suffering to people on purpose. Heroes act nobly, protect life, do the right thing.

Let me explain it further so that the braindead that occupy the left understand. The brave men and women of the American military go out beyond the walls everyday and one of the few things that brightens their day is interaction with Iraqi children. American soldiers everywhere have always had a soft spot for children, in Germany after World War II, our grandfathers fed children from their own rations, gave them candy if they had it, and gave whatever medical care they could. They did this for the children of our enemies, the children of the butchers of Buchenwald and Auschwitz. Why? Because they understood children are innocent, they should not have to pay for the sins of their fathers. In Korea and Vietnam, our own fathers did the same thing for the children of Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. This is the definition of a hero; men and women who leave their family and friends far behind and serve a great and noble cause. These men and women have compassion, they have heart, THEY CARE, in my opinion, this is America's greatest gift to the world. Our people are a good and righteous people, of course we have bad apples, there is no such thing as a perfect people or a perfect nation, but we are close. Juxtapose that against the insurgents of Iraq, the animals who kill children to get at us. These are not heroes, they are not even men, these are cowards. That's right, it isn't a brave man that drives a car into a crowd of children, a brave insurgent would fight us face to face, but why should I expect men that want to enslave women to be brave.

Also overlooked by the left is that we,America, send our best and brightest to the sands of Iraq to bring peace and prosperity to a people that were physically, mentally and spiritually raped for 25 years. The insurgents send the most evil and the most twisted to this fight. They send them to kill children receiving candy, they send them to execute election workers who's only crime was helping democracy. They send the moral and religious cowards to strike terror in the hearts of good people not only in Iraq, but in Bali, New York, London, Madrid, and Moscow. Where we bring life and light, they bring darkness and death. There is no comparison in our cause versus theirs, any on the left that DARE to morally equate the two sides are as guilty as insurgents, yet their guilt is one of ignorance. Ignorance is an evil in its own right, you cannot support our troops and call the insurgents Patriots, you cannot support our troops and believe that the insurgents are minutemen. And you cannot support our troops if you want them to leave Iraq, our troops care about the men, women, and children of Iraq. You want to support them? Keep sending candy, and toys, and shoes,and school supplies. Those items will be taken by our men and women and given to the needy people of Iraq. These Suicide Cowards will not stop us from helping the Iraqi people, if anything these reprehensible acts will strengthen the bond between the Iraqi and American people.

Let me state one more time, killing children is the basest evil one can commit, children are innocent and the side that butchers them wantonly deserves whatever revenge our soldiers and the Iraqi people unleash upon them. I will not feel differently about this issue until every last suicide coward is captured, deserts Al Qaeda or is killed. My words are harsh, but what kind of society would we be if we did not take the harshest possible attitude towards the murderers of the most innocent.


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