21 July 2005

Squaring Bob away

Well I made it to Kirkuk. Lots of Helicopter flights were involved, but here I am, safe and in one piece. I was catching up on the blogs and came across this courtesy of BLACKFIVE. Apparently Bob is a tad bit concerned that every member of the military is plain evil.

Well Bob, let me get my headphones on, my IPOD pumping with "Caelestis's blogging mix" and let me square you away mister. You see Bob, the military is made up of men and women that have decided to be part of something greater than themselves. Unlike many of their peers, they show discipline, service to country and selfless sacrifice as worthy attributes. Many of their peers are greedy, lazy, uncaring bastards. How do I know this bob? Well old caelestis has lived on both sides of the equation, I have served my country proudly and then left that service. I spent one year as a LFC (Lazy Frakking Civilian) before I was hired at my current job which allowed me to reensconce myself in that familiar cocoon of military life.

Bob, you seem to have some misconceptions of military life, you said

that's what the military wants. Obedient, robot-like killers. Slaves who will take it any way their superiors decide to give it to them. Go off on suicide missions, murder civilians by the hundred, even abuse and kill their own. I pity the young men who get suckered into this system. Me, I'll take my freedom. And please, don't give a bunch of crap about how the military protects my freedom.

If the military wanted robot-like killers, why train them on the rules of war or humanitarian relief? Why would robotic killer soldiers be trained to give first aid to each other or to helpless civilians? And bob, are they robot killers or slaves? Slaves means that are forced to serve against their will. Last I checked we had a volunteer Army, slaves would revolt against their masters, robots would not. So are they slaves or robots? And Bob C'mon suicide missions? That's Al Qaeda's modus operandi, not ours. How many U.S. suicide missions have there been Bob? Where can I see the Martyrs gallery of our robotic slaves that killed themselves? Also bob, when have our robotic suicide slaves killed hundreds? I have served in theater three times now and I keep talking to soldiers everyday looking for these robotic suicide slaves, so far I have not come across any robot suicide slaves with a panache for massacring hundreds of kids to gratify their overlords. You know bob, this sounds like really bad Sci-Fi, you know bob, the kind of Sci-Fi the Sci-Fi channel shows at 3 A.M. before Mansquito but after Attack of the Sabretooth. You also pity the young men and women that give you your freedom, that's your right Bob, but they don't pity you. They protect you everyday they are in Iraq. They protect you from men that would gladly saw you head off Bob, they protect you from men that would love nothing more than getting their hands on a nuclear weapon and setting it off in downtown L.A. or New York. They protect you from evils you can't even see in your nightmares. That's why they are better than you Bob, they don't sit around and pity people, they serve and protect all of us, even those of us that pity them.

If you had stopped right there, you would have just been another idiot that doesn't get it. I would have shaken my head, laughed at your ignorance and moved on. But you had to add this little gem.

And as for the "noble" quality of the US soldier, here's a website featuring testimony of Vietnam vets which hangs that myth out to dry. The American fighting man is one of the dirtiest soldiers ever sent into combat because he is trained to think and act that way by the fruitcakes in charge


Bob, the noble quality of the U.S. soldier is something a person like yourself could never understand. We save lives, our enemies take them, we greet children with candy and school supplies, our enemies bring pain and death. We try to honor the Iraqi people's customs and laws, our enemies break every law of Iraq, they destroy mosques on purpose and attack women and children and they do these things with no restraint. As for us being dirty fighters or not, it real easy to evaluate our men and women from your couch ain't it bob? They fight and they win Bob, they treat the wounded among our enemies, our enemies kill our wounded if given the chance. Our men and women try to inflict as little damage on civilians as possible, our enemies use our restraint as a weapon to kill as many innocents as possible. You know what Bob this is a pointless exercise, if you see our men and women in uniform as evil, I have nothing further to say.

P.S. Bob, the robot suicide slave soldiers are really under the control of the Greys in alliance with the Reptile Lords of Sirius. I hope your head explodes.


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