09 July 2005

Our Coalition versus Theirs

First of all I am in Baghdad in temporary quarters until I can get a flight up to Kirkuk. The best part is I am staying with some people I know and they have a dedicated internet connection in their set of trailers. Man I wish everyone had this! Now on to my thoughts.............

I was in the Corps DFAC this morning watching the news out of London when I looked around the DFAC and saw the most inspiring sight. In case people don't know Camp Victory is home to the MNC (Multi National Corps) Command structure, all nations of the coalition are represented here. I saw a grouping of people from the free world watching the coverage of the cowardly acts in London and there was anger on their faces. But what was truly amazing was how everyone was seated. American enlisted sat next to Polish officers, Korean NCOs and Australians sat together, Mongolians and Slovakians were together, as well as Albanians and Macedonians. I thought about last nights meal in the DFAC and I saw the same thing then too. The nations of the free world (those with the courage to stand and be counted) are so similar and so strong. Culturally we couldn't be more different, but the same ideals drive us and fill our hearts. All of us, Italian, Brit, American, Bulgarian, whatever country we are from, all of us would rather be with our families, but we are here at the front lines of freedom doing our duty. All of us have left our families to be here doing this noble thing. We are here to provide peace, and build schools, and cure children of life threatening ailments, we are here to bring justice to a people that dwelt in darkness, we are here for Iraq and for ourselves for when Iraq is free we are stronger and the terrorists are beaten. Every soldier and civilian of the Coalition is a force for good and human decency, our purpose is noble and just, compare and contrast that with the coalition of our enemies. They came to Baghdad and Kabul and London and Bali and New York they came to bring death and suffering and misery, they came to take the freedom that we have all shed blood to provide.

Their coalition is built upon the belief that all men and women are NOT created equally, that slavery is not only accepted but encouraged, especially if your slave is an infidel. Their beliefs are based on their interpretation of religious texts that they believe gives them permission to behead innocents, to kill women for the way they dress, and to attack children who receive candy from infidels. They rage against us and say we are committing holy war upon them, but which coalition quotes religion at every turn? Which coalition talks about peace and freedom and which one talks about destroying all infidels?

Our coalition values and respects life, we believe in the freedom of the individual to make his own way in life, to make mistakes and learn from them, they believe that certain mistakes must be punished by death. The Coalition of the West and its allies are a culture of life, love and freedom, the Coalition of Islamic Fascists is one of death, hate and oppression. Yet in their eyes our love of life and freedom is the very thing that makes us so hated, in their eyes our freedoms are tools of Satan, and we are the agents of Satan come to pollute the purity of what they believe Islamic culture should be. How twisted must one's mind be to believe that the freedom to make ones way in life is evil. What kind of god do they worship that believes killing innocents is acceptable and encouraged? What have they become to be so enraptured with death and hate?

In closing I want to say that the men and women of the coalition are a reflection of the free societies they represent. To the men and women of the Armed Forces

United Kingdom, Australia, Hungary, Slovakia, Estonia, Poland, Italy, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Romania, El Salvador,(any country I have forgotten and of course the United States of America, you and the men and women of the Iraqi armed forces are the true face of freedom.


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