01 June 2005

Defense Contractors: Proud Patriots or Scum of Fortune?

First off let me say that I am going to keep this as civil as possible, but I am a little ticked off.

Apparently leaving the military and serving as a contractor in Iraq means you aren't serving your country and in fact you are a bloodsucking Judas only working for your 30 pieces of silver. Well at least that's what IRR soldier thinks of yours truly (At least he said this was his homepage, but who knows the internet is full of cowards). This started when I was conversing with a third blogger about some things he had posted I disagreed with. I believed he and I were having a civil discourse in his comments section, when The counter recruiter chimed into our conversation. Apparently, I am only in Iraq for the money, I don't love my country, I don't respect the Constitution, and I'm not a patriot. I also learned that I love to profit off of human misery and suffering and I enjoy a perpetual state of war. Finally I apparently do not deserve any body armor when I go to Iraq, and I am a disgrace. This guy sure figured me out without knowing one thing about me or the motives behind my going to Iraq. I wish this guy would stop bottling it in and tell me what he really thinks of me or get a job with the Psychic Friends Network, whichever he thinks is best.

Well Counter Recruiter, let's discuss what I have to do to get my 30 pieces of silver. First of all I have to get all the shots the soldiers get, to include smallpox, anthrax and all the other fun germs pumped into my body. I am subject to CRC training which includes Convoy training, Mine clearing, reacting under fire, UXO marking and disposal, and a host of other training deploying soldiers receive. That is nothing compared to what the men and women of Iraq are going through, but for someone that is motivated by greed, where's the payback? After I complete the CRC training I fly to Kuwait, and then into Iraq. I travel in convoys just like the soldiers do, sometimes a few times a day to different remote FOB's to do my job. Here's the kicker Counter Recruiter, I am unarmed, at all times. Due to my Geneva Convention status I am not allowed to carry a weapon. Does that make me better or more a person than soldiers? OF COURSE NOT, but a greedy person must also be crazy to roll through Iraq like that. I'm pretty sure you have never been to Iraq counter recruiter, or else you would not be so critical of someone that has.

I mention to people that this is my third time, not to get sympathy, but out of pride. I am proud of what I do, I have been doing it for 5 years now, well before 9/11, so your claim I do this job for profit and perpetual war rings false. I do this because I love my country. I love soldiers, they are the finest men and women I have ever known. I am proud to serve with them in ANY CAPACITY. If I was cooking the food for them, I would be just as inspired by them as I am now. The money is nice, I am nothing but honest, but I go because of them. Everyday they get out there and they protect OUR freedoms, that's right, yours and mine. They protect our freedoms and they fight our enemies. EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN DAY! They get out there and they fight, they miss their wives, and their children and their parents, but they do their duty. They do more than we expect with less than we give them to do it. And people like you are a germ on our society, you are entitled to free speech but they provide it, sites like yours disgust me. You apparently take great delight in the current recruitment problem, you who claim to be a veteran, someone who defended freedom are now working to deny the freedom to our military recruiters to recruit on school campuses. What kind of dirtbag serves his nation and then helps the enemies of that nation to cripple the military recruiters trying to do their duty?

You questioned my patriotism without even knowing me, you know nothing about me and yet you judged me. Well I now know a lot about you by your attack on a fellow veteran. I am a patriot, I serve because I believe, I believe in a world made better by the good deeds of a good nation, I believe our actions in Iraq represent pure nobility of purpose, something I daresay you could never understand. I believe in a better world than we have ever seen before, where all lovers of freedom are free to live and worship as they wish. I believe in a world free of the theocratic fascism of militant Islam, I am willing to go to Iraq once a year until that goal is achieved. I believe in the Iraqi people's future, a future where they are free of tyranny and terror. And finally I believe in America as a good nation of good people trying to do good things for people elsewhere. A wise man once said if you have the power to change the world and do good, why on earth would you not do?

IRR soldier, I know my worth and I know the worth of my fellow contractors. The actual soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are the heroes of our struggle in Iraq, they along with the Iraqi people are to be held in the highest regard. I am just an ordinary man doing my part to be 10% as heroic as they are. I know I am a patriot and I know I love my country. Forgive me if I feel the same about you as you feel about me.

Freedom isn't free IRR soldier, if you cared, you'd be defending it in Iraq instead of trying to tear down our recruiters.

So for all the readers of this post please sound off and tell me if you think contractors are serving proudly or not.



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