08 June 2005

Bush not trying hard enough to be Hitler

It seems that hardly a week goes by when some left-wing nutjob starts foaming at the mouth and accuses President Bush of being like Hitler or being worse than Hitler. Well being the student of history that I am I decided to do some research on this claim. My results will show that Bush is no Hitler, and if he wants to achieve maniacal dictator status he needs to get off his butt and really commit some genocide.

To make this as simple as possible, I'll be using some Wikipedia information to prove or disprove various points. The first charge people often hurl at Bush is that he stole his way into power with the 2000 and 2004 elections both being fraudulent elections. Well in case anyone cares to know Hitler achieved power in a far different way:

During the November 1932 elections the Nazis lost votes although they remained by far the largest party in the Reichstag. Since Papen had failed to secure a majority, Hindenburg dismissed him and appointed General Kurt von Schleicher, who promised he could secure a majority government by negotiations with both Social Democratic labor unions and the dissident Nazi faction led by Gregor Strasser.

Papen and Alfred Hugenberg (Chairman of the German National People's Party, the DNVP, which before the Nazis were Germany's principal right-wing party) conspired to persuade Hindenburg to appoint Hitler Chancellor in a coalition with the DNVP, promising they would be able to control him. When Schleicher was forced to admit failure in his efforts to form a coalition and asked Hindenburg for yet another Reichstag dissolution, Hindenburg fired him and appointed Hitler Chancellor, Papen Vice-Chancellor and Hugenberg Minister of Economics in a cabinet which included only three Nazis, Hitler, Goering and Wilhelm Frick. On January 30, 1933 Adolf Hitler was officially sworn in as Chancellor

So some feverish liberals draw a connection between Bush and Hitler with the selected not elected theme of 2000. Well that would be true except Bush won the electoral college vote which is the way we decide elections in America. It doesn't matter if Candidate A beats Candidate B by 10 million votes, if Candidate B wins 270 electoral votes he wins. If you don't like it, change the Constitution, and let me know how that goes.

A second charge hurled at Bush is that he is creating a police state and silencing his dissenters. Well here is the scorecard versus Herr Hitler in that regard.

After the Reichstag was set on fire (and the communists were blamed for it), the Reichstag Fire Decree suspended civil liberties. Subsequently, in the March 1933 elections the Nazis received 43.9% of the vote. The party gained control of a majority of seats in the Reichstag through a formal coalition with the DNVP. The Enabling Act, passed by the Reichstag after the Nazis expelled the Communist deputies, gave Hitler dictatorial authority. Under the Enabling Act the Nazi cabinet had the power to pass legislation just as the Reichstag did. The Act further specified that the cabinet could only approve measures submitted by the Chancellor (Hitler) and that it would lapse after four years time or upon the installation of a new government. The Enabling Act was dutifully renewed every four years, even during World War II.

A series of decrees followed soon after the passage of the Enabling Act. Other parties were suppressed and all opposition was banned. In only a few months Hitler had achieved authoritarian control. President Paul von Hindenburg died on August 2, 1934. Rather than have new presidential elections, Hitler's cabinet passed a law combining the offices of President and Chancellor, with Hitler holding both offices (including the President's decree powers) as "Leader and National Chancellor." This consolidation was claimed by the Nazis to be approved by the electorate in what was actually a show election (the outcome was 90% "approval") in mid-August 1934. Then, in an unprecedented step, Hitler ordered every member of the military to swear a personal oath of allegiance to him.

Let's make a checklist on this one, has Bush burned down the Congress? Unless Congress is now meeting on a movie set, then Congress still stands. Have civil liberties been suspended? Lots of liberals say they have, but I dare them to find one civil liberty that has been suspended. 9 times out of 10 they are pissed off at a Patriot Act that gives law enforcement the tools to fight the terrorists that many on the left sympathize with. Has Bush suppressed other political parties and outlawed dissent? Well Howard Dean is running around the country screaming like a fool and Ralph Nader wants to impeach Bush so you tell me on this one. As for the military having to swear an oath, apparently those Storm troopers have to swear one to the Constitution to uphold and defend it. So far Bush is doing a horrible Hitler impression.

Recently Bush has been accused of fostering hatred at home towards Muslims. But is this accurate in any way?

The SA, SS and Gestapo (secret state police) were given a free hand. Thousands disappeared into concentration camps. Many thousands more emigrated, including about half of Germany's Jews. Under the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, Jews lost their German citizenship and were expelled from government employment, the professions and most forms of economic activity. They were also subject to a barrage of hate propaganda. Few non-Jewish Germans objected to these steps. Restrictions were further tightened later, particularly after the 1938 anti-Jewish operation known as Kristallnacht. From 1941 Jews were required to wear a yellow star in public. Between November 1938 and September 1939 more than 180,000 Jews fled Germany and the Nazis seized whatever property they left behind.

Can someone find me the number of Americans of Muslim descent that have disappeared into American concentration camps? When did we start stripping Muslim-Americans of their citizenship, taking away their jobs or subjecting them to state sponsored hatred? I guess I miss this stuff on a daily basis, I miss all of this as well as the green crescent moon we make all Muslims wear. Seriously people, so far we haven't found one instance in which Bush even resembles Hitler. All this counter evidence and still the loony left screams out that we are sheep and we are living in Bush's Reich.

Finally let's look at the Holocaust, apparently Guantanamo Bay a camp run to incarcerate the enemies of America is akin to a concentration camp. Apparently a few hundred terrorists are morally equivalent to 11million Europeans. Only liberals could even try to say that Bush and Hitler are similar in this regard. What does the record say?

Between 1942 and 1945 the SS, assisted by collaborationist governments and recruits from occupied countries, systematically killed approximately 11 million people(6 million of whom were Jews)in concentration camps, ghettos and mass executions, or through less systematic methods elsewhere. Besides being gassed to death, many also died of starvation and disease while working as slave laborers. Along with Jews, alleged communists or political opposition, homosexuals, dissenting Roman Catholics and Protestants, Roma, the physically handicapped and mentally retarded, Soviet prisoners of war, the Polish intelligentsia, Jehovah's Witnesses, anti-Nazi clergy, trade unionists, and psychiatric patients were killed. The industrial-scale genocide of Jews in Europe during this period is referred to as the Holocaust.

So in 4 years the Nazis killed 11 million people. 11,000,000, look at the number, 11,000,000 men women and children, in four years. September 11, 2005 is the fourth anniversary of 9/11 and Americas war on terrorism. According to some organizations Bush has killed 30,000 people in Afghanistan and 100,000 people in Iraq (Both numbers are complete bullshit but people buy into it because it validates their tin foil hat theories)so that makes 130,000 if leftists are to be believed. Bush has exactly 90 days to kill 10,870,00 people to be like Hitler. So let's have fun with math. In 90 days Bush has to order the deaths of 120,777 people a day everyday for the next 90 days. I guess Bush is going to have to break out the nuclear weapons isn't he? Bush is failing miserably at industrial genocide.

I have reviewed the facts and Bush gets failing marks in all areas when compared directly to Adolf Hitler.

Seized power like Hitler: F Bush failed because he won the electoral college in 2000 and won both the electoral college and the popular vote(By a lot) in 2004.

Creating a Police State: F Bush fails in this regard as not one civil liberty has been curtailed, he hasn't even burned down congress yet or made the military swear allegiance to him. What a pathetic excuse for a Fascist.

Fostering hatred towards a scapegoat minority: F Not only is bush refusing to foster hatred towards Muslims, he's reaching out to them. He's not imprisoning them, he's not deporting them or seizing their homes. A total failure in this regard.

Conducting Industrial Genocide: F Bush is the biggest failure in this regard. Hitler killed 11 million in 4 years, Bush has barely killed 1% of that number, if he has even killed that many. If there was a worse grade than an F, I would give it to George W. Bush in this category.

Bush is a horrible failure at being like Hitler, you would think leftists who pride themselves on being smarter than us conservatives would want to be accurate with such a charge. It's not like they are trying to demonize our president are they?

For anyone with a broken sarcasm meter, I am very happy MY PRESIDENT in no way resembles Adolf Hitler


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