15 June 2005

Antiwar protestors mar Army's Birthday

How low can antiwar protestors go? It seems that antiwar protestors really do hate the military if they didn't why protest at an Army birthday celebration? How bankrupt is the left when they act like this?

''They are just ignorant, and they don't know what they are doing," said Brigit Smith, whose husband, Sergeant First Class Paul Smith of Tampa, was killed in Iraq in April 2003. He was the first soldier awarded the Medal of Honor in the Iraq war for his courage in the Battle of Bagdad Airport. The couple's 11-year-old son, David, led the Pledge of Allegiance yesterday afternoon to a backdrop of boos and sneers.

Great this kid lost his father, a hero in every sense of the word and yet the protestors couldn't resist booing him during the pledge of allegiance. How did this even start?

What started as a peaceful march by more than 100 sign-waving antiwar demonstrators quickly heated up after a group of protesters refused to move away from the stage and onto a grassy area designated by police. After several warnings, police lined up shoulder to shoulder, shoving some members of the group back behind jersey barriers and arresting others who refused to budge.

''They didn't have to push me," said 70-year-old Judy Summersby. ''They kept saying 'We have our orders,' and one woman out there called me trash

Judy, if you are on the side of people who booed the child of a Congressional Medal of Honor Winner, trash is the nicest thing I would call you. Here's a hint Judy it rhymes with Craterous Rucking Pitch. But the stupidty wasn't just limited to Judy:

Aligned with the demonstrators was Councilor Marjorie Decker, who called the event a veiled attempt at captivating youngsters as the Army copes with recruitment woes.

Decker, who also serves as the city's vice mayor, said she was deeply suspicious of the Army's motives, adding that members of the City Council did not know the event was happening until last week. ''There was no communication in the City Council to decide if this was an appropriate time to hold a celebration," she said.

Hey Marjorie check this out But Cambridge Common was the site where 230 years ago many servicemen came together when the Continental Congress formally established the Army, organizers pointed out. On July 3, 1775, General George Washington arrived on Cambridge Common and took command of the newly formed Continental Army

So now the Army birthday celebrated on the same day every year is a nefarious attempt to brainwash children into serving? And the part in bold is my favorite. The anniversary of the creation of the United States Army where the United States Army first mustered at Cambridge is not an appropriate time to celebrate the Army's birthday?

WOW and this woman holds public office! Not to insult any Massachusetts republicans, but this is the same state that produced Michael "the unemotive gnome" Dukakis and the Very Haughty French Looking John Kerry who by the way served in Vietnam.

I tell you what folks, the antiwar crowd has done more to give sustenance to Al Qaeda than rich Saudis. Their behavior at this event shows their true repulsive goals.


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