27 June 2005

The Deployment Begins

I have left Hawaii and I am TDY en route to Kuwait with a one week stopover in El Paso to attend CRC training, I will highlight the week's events.
CRC Day One:

Well 0400 comes mighty early and even after 10 years of this stuff, it still is quite a shock
to actually get up that early, the mind remembers but the body isn't in the mood to obey. The drive in to the fort was quiet and dark, it finally hit me, I actually did volunteer to go to Iraq for the third time. A quick formation and a short bus ride later and it was breakfast time Army style. Breakfast was the one meal I always enjoyed in the military, french toast, hard boiled eggs, juice, toast and fresh fruit, what's not to like. The portions are of a good size and best of all it's free, again what reason would someone have to complain. It seems hard to believe it was 10 years ago that I was a young E-1 calling out my last 4 of my SSN because the drills couldn't pronounce my last name, and yet here I am I have come full circle back to the beginning and yet not really the beginning. I have been around a little while now, and the young privates and specialists look like kids that should be at prom or on spring break, even the Lieutenants and Captains look so young and eager to do their duty. Robert E. Lee once commented that "it is good war is so horrible, or else men would grow to love it", I have seen the war twice now and upon my return from this trip I expect to hang up my campaign hat and enjoy a nice quiet life far from conflict and bloodshed. A piece of land by the beach, my wife, and my dogs and I would happily never return to war after this trip. Anyway let me get off my soapbox and continue to tell the average non military person what CRC is like.

Breakfast ends and we proceed to the SRP center to get briefing after briefing and reams of paperwork to fill out. After the paperwork we got the preventitive medicine briefing telling us what to eat and what not to eat in theater, as well as what the local flora and fauna wil do to us. During the briefing someone (a green suiter) apparently had a grand mal seizure, the local medical staff responded quickly and it appears he was ok as he was led away on a stretcher. Finally the briefings were over and it was time for some real fun.

Standing in line is an art form the military has taken to the extreme degree. We are always in a hurry to get somewhere to sit down and play an insane version of musical chairs. It appears the chairs are given to make comfort a possibility, but with the constant sitting half standing shuffle from one chair to another, I think this is an idea that needs to be re-thought. So it's a quick medical screening to determine your needs and then off to the shot room. The Army loves to give personnel vaccines whether they actually need them or not. I got off lucky this trip to the sandbox, I only needed three shots as well as a TB test. I closed out oy Hepatitis A and B shots and I am now good for the next 5 years, along with those two Typhoid was on the menu today. The typhoid shot actually burns a little when it goes in, not nearly as bad as anthrax but it is still irritating. Along with those shots I had blood drawn for HIV testing, G6 testing (to see if I am allergic to the current anti-malaria drug) and (add in later). So now that I have about 6 holes in my arms they decide it's time to get my eyes looked at to see if I am blind in a gas mask or not. Apparently the last two times I passed the vision test weren't enough, so we went through it again . Anyway I can apparently see without my glasses so I moved on to the next station, and for the first time today I actually hit a SNAFU. My blood sugar test I got done in Hawaii was processed incorrectly and I now need to go out and get another one. The trick will be to get it done in enough time to meet the deployment needs, as of right this minute I am undeployable until I fix this issue with my blood sugar. The good news is that I have until Saturday as I am not flying with the majority of the other personnel here. My company takes care of our travel and puts us on commercial flights on large carriers. This time I get Lufthansa (German Airline) and if I'm lucky I can use my skymiles to get an upgrade to business class, if not then the bulkhead seat will do just fine.

After the medical section it's on to Administrative issues, such as your Will, Power of Attorney, the Chapain's services, and other assorted bits of paperwork. A long wait to finalize these events and then it's off to First Aid training.

I'll give the Army credit, I went through Basic and AIT 10 years ago, and yet the medical training stayed with me. The first aid training was several blocks of instruction on different types of injuries and how to treat them. Each block of instruction was oncluded with a written test for the first few parts and then we had a hands on Practical exercise on Head injuries, sucking chest wounds and severe extremity wounds. Eeerily enough when it was time to apply the bandages, dressings and tourniquet, I remebered how to do it as if Drill Sgt Thompson was over my shoulder yelling at me. The Army knows how to train people, it's amazing what you remember from the dark recesses of your brain when memory kicks in. Anyway that's all for today, we have completed our training and as of right now we are in hurry up and wait mode, so we can find out when tommorrow's formation will be. Tommorrow looks just as insane, as we have to see the teeth doctors and the CIF people. That's all from Fort Bliss for now.

Caelestis out

21 June 2005

Iran bets the farm on fraud

I have to admit, I don't talk about Iran much as I am not very informed on the dynamics of the Iranian society, back when old SPEC 4 Caelestis was an intel analyst, I dealt primarily with the Arab states and North Korea. That aside, I have to say today's New York Post column by the always brilliant LTC(ret.) Ralph Peters is a grand slam. Registration is required to the post so I'll post the salient points.

The first round of Iran's presidential election was as phony as Howard Dean pretending to care about our troops.
On the other hand, Iran's doctored election results must have been inspiring to our domestic left. The fundamentalist Guardian Council in Tehran did what American intellectuals have dreamed about doing for decades. When the voters rejected them, the hard-liners changed the vote count.

The way it went down was as shameless as a Donald Trump bankruptcy. On election night, Hashemi Rafsanjani, an old fox trying a new approach, led the pack. The white-knight reform candidate, Mostafa Moin, ran second. A moderate, Mehdi Karroubi, placed third.

There wasn't a religious fascist within sight of the finish line. And the regime panicked. Pushing aside the Interior Ministry, which bore the responsibility for tallying the votes, the Revolutionary Guard jumped in to "help" count ballots. The fundamentalist Guardian Council announced the results before the counting was done.

With chutzpah worthy of a celebrity lawyer, the hardliners even inflated the number of voters by 10 percent

Are you paying attention Democrats, the Iranians apparently can outdo the formidable Chicago (Daly) machine, not only can they win elections, but they can create 10% more voters than actually exist. Take a note Howard Dean, a trip to Iran could be rewarding. Why would the Mad Mullahs risk such a blatant attempt to steal this election? Col. Peters goes on to explain why he thinks it happened.

The tough guys lost their nerve. A cleric himself (if a cynical one), Rafsanjani is the one man who could out-maneuver the entire Koran-thumping pack in the ruling theocracy. Old Hashemi may not be Iran's Thomas Jefferson, but he's a devilishly capable political operator who senses the pulse of the people better than Bill Clinton.

If elected president, Rafsanjani will do a Vladimir Putin, bribing the people with social freedoms and economic progress while consolidating his own political power at the expense of the old guard who tried to deal him out of the game.

Imagine that, frail old men, the leaders of a totalitarian state act like cowards when confronted with the chance for freedom for all. How many times in history have we seen this reaction from men whose only real power lies in the amount of terror their tyranny can dish out to the people? So where do we go from here? Again Col. Peters gives us the answer;

The good news is that the hardliners are still going to lose out unless they engage in electoral fraud at a level not seen since the Soviet collapse. If the hard-liners stuff so many ballot boxes that their utterly unpopular candidate "wins" the next round, they'll trigger a level of unrest unseen since the revolution that overthrew the shah.

Whether or not a big fix would result in immediate violence in the streets, the regime would be forever discredited in the eyes of the average citizen and the world (well, maybe not France).

One caution: don't expect an easy transition in Iran. The dying regime has a nasty core of supporters, just as Saddam did. But change is coming. The desperate vote rigging is likelier to hasten it than to delay it.

The hard-liners are going to pull out all the stops to elect their man in the run-off voter intimidation, bribes, phony ballots, miscounts and every other ruse they can think of. But in a paradoxical turn of events, pro-democracy Iranians now have a critical chance to make a difference.

To paraphrase my man W. Freedom is on the March, we might not see a modern secular democracy in Iran, but anytime the Mullahs lose power and social freedom improves, then the people of Iran are on the right track. Can you imagine an Iran that is on the path to democracy coupled with a democratic Iraq, a democratic Afghanistan and a democratic Lebanon? Put those together with the baby steps being taken in Egypt and Kuwait, and the other Gulf states, and very soon a pattern emerges. Before 9/11 none of this had come to pass, in less than 4 years 55 million Muslims have been freed from dictators and have established democracies (Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon), and a further 160 million Muslim (Egypt, Iran, Bahrain, Kuwait, Palestinian territories, Qatar, UAE, and Oman) are on the path to freedom if they can seize it for themselves. Imagine very soon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan will stand alone if the Muslim people of the previously mentioned countries can rise to the challenge and seize their destinies. Col. Peters ends the column with a bit of irony.

The gunslingers aren't really the two candidates who'll face each other, but one battle-scarred candidate Rafsanjani and Iran's Grand Poobah of Religious Doodoo, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who believes it's been all downhill since the seventh century. Khamenei's man, the mayor, can't win without massive fraud. If the regime declares him the winner after the next round, the transparent disregard for the people's voice will further weaken the regime, not strengthen it.

The rigging of the first-round vote was foolish on another count, too: lacking a choice, reform voters will flock to Rafsanjani. He'll become an even stronger president than he otherwise might have been.

It's a strange world, when we find ourselves rooting for one of the original "Death to America" boys to become Iran's next president. What's even stranger is that he may be the man who spells death to the rogue regime he helped create.

It will be interesting to watch Iran. The Mullahs short term need to appear powerful might actually reveal the weakness of their position and bring the whole rotten structure of theocratic Iran down. I hope the people of Iran have the bravery to kick in the door.

Milbloggers list

Blackfive has a great list of military bloggers broken down by military branch, don't miss it, I found about ten blogs to add to my links list.

20 June 2005

A poor 11 year old boy whose father had been killed in Iraq.....

First off, let me apologize for the gap in posting, I'm leaving for CRC and then Iraq on Saturday so I have been trying to tie up all my loose ends and get some quality time with my wife and also my parents who have come to Hawaii to visit me.

So last week, I wrote about the antiwar crowd that disrupted the Cambridge, Massachusetts Army Birthday celebration. I wrote about how the son of SFC Paul R. Smith (Congressional Medal of Honor winner, posthumously) was booed by the crowd when he led the pledge of allegiance and I also wrote about how the towns deputy mayor was angered over the celebration of the Army's birthday.

It looks like the antiwar crowd just doesn't know when to shut up, apparently Joseph Gerson a man who was arrested at the event is as clueless as the rest of the protestors. Here's what he had to say:

The Army increasingly unable to recruit young women to kill and to be killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, had secretly planned another offensive. A Blackhawk helicopter, the Under Secretary of the Army, parachutists, and other military hullabaloo would descend on Cambridge Common, ostensibly to celebrate the Army's 230th anniversary. The piece de resistance would be the televised induction of new Army recruits in the Red Soxs Fenway Park. Maybe Leni Riefenstahl had risen from the dead to produce more military propaganda!

So apparently celebrating the Army's 230th birthday on its original muster field with a little bit of showmanship is Nazi propaganda. Maybe I'm stupid, but I would think that 230 years of continuity in service to the greatest nation in the world's history is a cause for celebration. Either the author is choosing to make the Nazi comparision out of ignorance or he is unaware of the significance of Cambridge Common in American history. But there's more ignorance to be read.

I found myself near the stage where the Secretary of the Army, a poor 11 year-old boy whose father was killed in Iraq, and others would be speaking. I stopped and stood with my protest sign. I wasn't blocking anything, but I could certainly be seen. Others saw and joined me with their peace signs. Then the first of several soldiers and police came ordered us to move.

Ok first off, what rock do you have to be hiding under to have never heard of Paul R. Smith or his wife and son? Reading this article that phrase in bold just stuck with me and to me embodies all that is wrong with the antiwar movement. They claim to support the troops wholeheartedly and yet one who is published on a site like Common Dreams and who actually attended this event is unaware of who David Smith is? I have a feeling that he was identified before he stood up to give the pledge and yet this author is so consumed by his delusions that he totally misses the identity of that young man? The antiwar crowd does not support the troops if they did, they would have known who David Smith is and they would have applauded his sacrifice, not booed him. Secondly Mr. Gerson, you were doing something wrong, I've been to protest rallies and police don't just order you to move for no reason whatsoever, so I'm gonna have to call BS on you here my man. Unfortunately this story didn't end with his arrest, apparently Mr. Gerson took the self righteous stance we have come to expect from the anti war crowd and decided to share his thoughts with the judge at his arraignment.

Meditating in my stuffy cell the statement I wanted to make to the judge came to me. In court, he refused to allow it leaving me little to do but to call out illegal war and Nuremburg.

Heres what I had planned to say:

1.If the President of Harvard has the right to graze his animals on Cambridge Common, a 30-year resident of the city has the right to walk there, even to carry a sign condemning an illegal war.

Fortunately the judge had a dose of common sense and decided not to humor this deranged fellow. But I'll respond to the charges. No one stopped you from carrying your sign Mr. Gerson, you have that right as an American, a right provided to you by the millions of American veterans and the current crop of heroes we have in our military services, especially SFC. Paul R. Smith. You were arrested Mr. Gerson for trying to upstage this event. Apparently you forgot to check out the Boston Globe story on your activities. According to them your crowd was near the stage disrupting the ceremony, so either the police, military and the Globe are lying or you are. Given your next statement I think we all know who is lying.

2. I went to protest an illegal war. As the Secretary General of the U.N. has recently reiterated, the invasion of Iraq was illegal. The Nuremberg Principles are clear: those who fight an illegal war are by definition war criminals, and silence is consent.

No offense Mr. Gerson but I don't care what Kofi "Kickback" Annan has to say about the war. For me and a majority of American citizens, our Congress and our President gave the war the only legality it needed: their approval. Also you are accusing nearly 1 million American citizens of being war criminals, that's how many men and women have served since the invasion began in March of 2003. Are you on favor of setting up a tribunal for all those men and women, or is this just another knee jerk anti Bush diatribe? How can you support the troops when you say that anyone who served in Iraq is a war criminal? Check this out Mr. Gerson starting in early July I'll be a 3 time participant in the war. am I a three time war criminal? I value my society, my country and the young men and women I am forutnate to serve beside, I don't use them as props for my own quixotic crusdae to "smash the state" while also accusing them of being war criminals. For shame Mr. Gerson.

3. I went to protest the cynical harvesting of our city's youth to serve as cannon fodder in a criminal war, which even senior Pentagon figures are now saying may never be won. We need to protect our children.

Protect them from what? Their own free will? I tell you what Mr. Gerson, I'll make a deal with you, no recruiters on campus if teenagers are prohibited from getting abortions (unless the mothers health is in danger or she was raped, and if abstinence is taught as the main form of birth control. Let's protect them from those things as well as the free will to choose to join the military.

4. I went to protest a military occupation of my home town which was to have had the pageantry of a fascist rally and which was organized in secret. We must protect what remains of our constitutional democracy.

The Army's birthday is not a military occupation, the fact that you can hate your country this much is provided by the statement that a celebration of freedom is fascism in disguise. Secondly the Army's birthday is never organized secretly. I don't know what planet you live on, but every year on June 14th, the Army celebrates its birthday, some years it's more low key, some years it's very festive and patriotic. Now for the third time in the same article you have compared our Army and its members to either Fascists, Nazis, or war criminals. And again I ask you, how on earth do you think you support the troops? People who call the celeration of the Army's birthday a fascist rally DO NOT SUPPORT THE TROOPS, people who call the men and women who have served in Iraq war criminals DO NOT SUPPORT THE TROOPS, and finally anyone who would dare to boo and harangue the son of a deceased Congressional Medal of Honor winner DOES NOT SUPPORT THE TROOPS. And yet the antiwar crowd wonder why most military members vote Republican?

5. We all need to do more to stop the killing. Civil disobedience is not the only way to protest, but people who oppose the war, oppose the harvesting of our young for the killing fields, and oppose the subversion of democracy must put more of our life energies into resisting. Signing Internet statements and turning out for vigils and demonstrations are necessary, as is lobbying our Congressional representatives to cut funding for the war. But, we must use our imaginations to find ways to do more if we are to become the political force that turns our nation around and provides real security for our and future generations.

Yes we do need to do more to stop the killing, 500,000 dead in Darfur, 1 million dead in North Korea in the last decade, and an unknown number of dead in Iran, you're right we do need to do more to stop them killing. Where is your outrage Mr. Gerson for the dead in these places. Where is NION and Moveon.org and the other colaitions against tyranny? When is the next rally in Central Park to denounce Kim jong Il or the leaders of the Janjaweed militias of Sudan? Why not fight real tyranny instead of hating your homeland, why haven't you been arrested for protesting genocide Mr. Gerson? Why are you a coward that boos children whose parents were killed in the service of freedom Mr. Gerson. Why?

15 June 2005

Antiwar protestors mar Army's Birthday

How low can antiwar protestors go? It seems that antiwar protestors really do hate the military if they didn't why protest at an Army birthday celebration? How bankrupt is the left when they act like this?

''They are just ignorant, and they don't know what they are doing," said Brigit Smith, whose husband, Sergeant First Class Paul Smith of Tampa, was killed in Iraq in April 2003. He was the first soldier awarded the Medal of Honor in the Iraq war for his courage in the Battle of Bagdad Airport. The couple's 11-year-old son, David, led the Pledge of Allegiance yesterday afternoon to a backdrop of boos and sneers.

Great this kid lost his father, a hero in every sense of the word and yet the protestors couldn't resist booing him during the pledge of allegiance. How did this even start?

What started as a peaceful march by more than 100 sign-waving antiwar demonstrators quickly heated up after a group of protesters refused to move away from the stage and onto a grassy area designated by police. After several warnings, police lined up shoulder to shoulder, shoving some members of the group back behind jersey barriers and arresting others who refused to budge.

''They didn't have to push me," said 70-year-old Judy Summersby. ''They kept saying 'We have our orders,' and one woman out there called me trash

Judy, if you are on the side of people who booed the child of a Congressional Medal of Honor Winner, trash is the nicest thing I would call you. Here's a hint Judy it rhymes with Craterous Rucking Pitch. But the stupidty wasn't just limited to Judy:

Aligned with the demonstrators was Councilor Marjorie Decker, who called the event a veiled attempt at captivating youngsters as the Army copes with recruitment woes.

Decker, who also serves as the city's vice mayor, said she was deeply suspicious of the Army's motives, adding that members of the City Council did not know the event was happening until last week. ''There was no communication in the City Council to decide if this was an appropriate time to hold a celebration," she said.

Hey Marjorie check this out But Cambridge Common was the site where 230 years ago many servicemen came together when the Continental Congress formally established the Army, organizers pointed out. On July 3, 1775, General George Washington arrived on Cambridge Common and took command of the newly formed Continental Army

So now the Army birthday celebrated on the same day every year is a nefarious attempt to brainwash children into serving? And the part in bold is my favorite. The anniversary of the creation of the United States Army where the United States Army first mustered at Cambridge is not an appropriate time to celebrate the Army's birthday?

WOW and this woman holds public office! Not to insult any Massachusetts republicans, but this is the same state that produced Michael "the unemotive gnome" Dukakis and the Very Haughty French Looking John Kerry who by the way served in Vietnam.

I tell you what folks, the antiwar crowd has done more to give sustenance to Al Qaeda than rich Saudis. Their behavior at this event shows their true repulsive goals.

14 June 2005

Finishing up my Pre-Iraqi deployment stuff

Very busy getting shots, seeing the dentist and trying to spend some time with family.

08 June 2005

How blessed are we?

How blessed are we as a nation that in this age of million dollar sports stars and selfishness, of crass hollywood stars and colleges that are hostile to the men and women in uniform that we continue to find heroes to fight this battle?

Some people say Randy Moss and other spoiled pampered rich sports stars are the face of America.

I think Sgt Paul smith and Sgt. Rafael Peralta are the real face of America.

These men and women don't get paid millions, they are away from their families for at least one year at a time and everyday they are in harm's way is a day they could die. Why do they do it and where do they come from? I believe they do it because they honestly believe in making the world a better place. This fight in Iraq is about the Iraqi people but it's about so much more than that. This fight I believe is about what kind of world we give to our children and grandchildren, will it be a world of hope and peace where all people have the freedom to live without fear or suffering, or will it be a world where violent struggles over pointless ideologies turn children into victims, women into property and men into animals? Those who wear the uniform of this country's military have taken a stand, a stand to do what's right and to do what is just. To be an American warrior today is to know that you will rarely see your family, rarely sleep in your home and rarely do the things 289 million other Americans take for granted. It means you will live in a foreign probably hostile land, that you likely face mortal combat against a cowardly foe that hides behind women and children and that you will lose people you care about. You will do all of this for not much more money than a teacher earns and you will do this while friends outside the military live normal sedentary lives. It's amazing that people still join given all those obstacles, but they do still join.

What could these people possibly see in risking one's very life in such a way? Some see a ticket to a better life through hard work and sacrifice which is the base of the American dream. Some see money for their college education to get out of the ghetto where they grew up, or the factory town where the factories are all gone or even the farm where heavy combat is cutting the south forty by lunchtime. Those of us who have served or continue to serve all did it for something that was personal to us. I also think a greater reason compels people to join, moreso today than at anytime since perhaps World War II. I have talked to dozens of soldiers and marines since my first tour in Iraq during the 03 invasion and many of the soldiers tell me they have a desire to serve their nation and to do what's right. To them doing what's right means to hunt down those who attacked us and their allies wherever in the world they hide, to them doing what's right means whenever possible helping oppressed people find their own voice and decide their own destiny free of murder, mayhem and despotism. Now 2 plus years after the Iraqi invasion and nearly 1700 dead Americans later and I still see that zeal in their eyes to do whatever is necessary to protect this nation and protect the infant Iraqi nation until it can fight its own enemies. They do what we ask, no matter the cost and they do it with a smile on their face, how blessed are we?

Bush not trying hard enough to be Hitler

It seems that hardly a week goes by when some left-wing nutjob starts foaming at the mouth and accuses President Bush of being like Hitler or being worse than Hitler. Well being the student of history that I am I decided to do some research on this claim. My results will show that Bush is no Hitler, and if he wants to achieve maniacal dictator status he needs to get off his butt and really commit some genocide.

To make this as simple as possible, I'll be using some Wikipedia information to prove or disprove various points. The first charge people often hurl at Bush is that he stole his way into power with the 2000 and 2004 elections both being fraudulent elections. Well in case anyone cares to know Hitler achieved power in a far different way:

During the November 1932 elections the Nazis lost votes although they remained by far the largest party in the Reichstag. Since Papen had failed to secure a majority, Hindenburg dismissed him and appointed General Kurt von Schleicher, who promised he could secure a majority government by negotiations with both Social Democratic labor unions and the dissident Nazi faction led by Gregor Strasser.

Papen and Alfred Hugenberg (Chairman of the German National People's Party, the DNVP, which before the Nazis were Germany's principal right-wing party) conspired to persuade Hindenburg to appoint Hitler Chancellor in a coalition with the DNVP, promising they would be able to control him. When Schleicher was forced to admit failure in his efforts to form a coalition and asked Hindenburg for yet another Reichstag dissolution, Hindenburg fired him and appointed Hitler Chancellor, Papen Vice-Chancellor and Hugenberg Minister of Economics in a cabinet which included only three Nazis, Hitler, Goering and Wilhelm Frick. On January 30, 1933 Adolf Hitler was officially sworn in as Chancellor

So some feverish liberals draw a connection between Bush and Hitler with the selected not elected theme of 2000. Well that would be true except Bush won the electoral college vote which is the way we decide elections in America. It doesn't matter if Candidate A beats Candidate B by 10 million votes, if Candidate B wins 270 electoral votes he wins. If you don't like it, change the Constitution, and let me know how that goes.

A second charge hurled at Bush is that he is creating a police state and silencing his dissenters. Well here is the scorecard versus Herr Hitler in that regard.

After the Reichstag was set on fire (and the communists were blamed for it), the Reichstag Fire Decree suspended civil liberties. Subsequently, in the March 1933 elections the Nazis received 43.9% of the vote. The party gained control of a majority of seats in the Reichstag through a formal coalition with the DNVP. The Enabling Act, passed by the Reichstag after the Nazis expelled the Communist deputies, gave Hitler dictatorial authority. Under the Enabling Act the Nazi cabinet had the power to pass legislation just as the Reichstag did. The Act further specified that the cabinet could only approve measures submitted by the Chancellor (Hitler) and that it would lapse after four years time or upon the installation of a new government. The Enabling Act was dutifully renewed every four years, even during World War II.

A series of decrees followed soon after the passage of the Enabling Act. Other parties were suppressed and all opposition was banned. In only a few months Hitler had achieved authoritarian control. President Paul von Hindenburg died on August 2, 1934. Rather than have new presidential elections, Hitler's cabinet passed a law combining the offices of President and Chancellor, with Hitler holding both offices (including the President's decree powers) as "Leader and National Chancellor." This consolidation was claimed by the Nazis to be approved by the electorate in what was actually a show election (the outcome was 90% "approval") in mid-August 1934. Then, in an unprecedented step, Hitler ordered every member of the military to swear a personal oath of allegiance to him.

Let's make a checklist on this one, has Bush burned down the Congress? Unless Congress is now meeting on a movie set, then Congress still stands. Have civil liberties been suspended? Lots of liberals say they have, but I dare them to find one civil liberty that has been suspended. 9 times out of 10 they are pissed off at a Patriot Act that gives law enforcement the tools to fight the terrorists that many on the left sympathize with. Has Bush suppressed other political parties and outlawed dissent? Well Howard Dean is running around the country screaming like a fool and Ralph Nader wants to impeach Bush so you tell me on this one. As for the military having to swear an oath, apparently those Storm troopers have to swear one to the Constitution to uphold and defend it. So far Bush is doing a horrible Hitler impression.

Recently Bush has been accused of fostering hatred at home towards Muslims. But is this accurate in any way?

The SA, SS and Gestapo (secret state police) were given a free hand. Thousands disappeared into concentration camps. Many thousands more emigrated, including about half of Germany's Jews. Under the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, Jews lost their German citizenship and were expelled from government employment, the professions and most forms of economic activity. They were also subject to a barrage of hate propaganda. Few non-Jewish Germans objected to these steps. Restrictions were further tightened later, particularly after the 1938 anti-Jewish operation known as Kristallnacht. From 1941 Jews were required to wear a yellow star in public. Between November 1938 and September 1939 more than 180,000 Jews fled Germany and the Nazis seized whatever property they left behind.

Can someone find me the number of Americans of Muslim descent that have disappeared into American concentration camps? When did we start stripping Muslim-Americans of their citizenship, taking away their jobs or subjecting them to state sponsored hatred? I guess I miss this stuff on a daily basis, I miss all of this as well as the green crescent moon we make all Muslims wear. Seriously people, so far we haven't found one instance in which Bush even resembles Hitler. All this counter evidence and still the loony left screams out that we are sheep and we are living in Bush's Reich.

Finally let's look at the Holocaust, apparently Guantanamo Bay a camp run to incarcerate the enemies of America is akin to a concentration camp. Apparently a few hundred terrorists are morally equivalent to 11million Europeans. Only liberals could even try to say that Bush and Hitler are similar in this regard. What does the record say?

Between 1942 and 1945 the SS, assisted by collaborationist governments and recruits from occupied countries, systematically killed approximately 11 million people(6 million of whom were Jews)in concentration camps, ghettos and mass executions, or through less systematic methods elsewhere. Besides being gassed to death, many also died of starvation and disease while working as slave laborers. Along with Jews, alleged communists or political opposition, homosexuals, dissenting Roman Catholics and Protestants, Roma, the physically handicapped and mentally retarded, Soviet prisoners of war, the Polish intelligentsia, Jehovah's Witnesses, anti-Nazi clergy, trade unionists, and psychiatric patients were killed. The industrial-scale genocide of Jews in Europe during this period is referred to as the Holocaust.

So in 4 years the Nazis killed 11 million people. 11,000,000, look at the number, 11,000,000 men women and children, in four years. September 11, 2005 is the fourth anniversary of 9/11 and Americas war on terrorism. According to some organizations Bush has killed 30,000 people in Afghanistan and 100,000 people in Iraq (Both numbers are complete bullshit but people buy into it because it validates their tin foil hat theories)so that makes 130,000 if leftists are to be believed. Bush has exactly 90 days to kill 10,870,00 people to be like Hitler. So let's have fun with math. In 90 days Bush has to order the deaths of 120,777 people a day everyday for the next 90 days. I guess Bush is going to have to break out the nuclear weapons isn't he? Bush is failing miserably at industrial genocide.

I have reviewed the facts and Bush gets failing marks in all areas when compared directly to Adolf Hitler.

Seized power like Hitler: F Bush failed because he won the electoral college in 2000 and won both the electoral college and the popular vote(By a lot) in 2004.

Creating a Police State: F Bush fails in this regard as not one civil liberty has been curtailed, he hasn't even burned down congress yet or made the military swear allegiance to him. What a pathetic excuse for a Fascist.

Fostering hatred towards a scapegoat minority: F Not only is bush refusing to foster hatred towards Muslims, he's reaching out to them. He's not imprisoning them, he's not deporting them or seizing their homes. A total failure in this regard.

Conducting Industrial Genocide: F Bush is the biggest failure in this regard. Hitler killed 11 million in 4 years, Bush has barely killed 1% of that number, if he has even killed that many. If there was a worse grade than an F, I would give it to George W. Bush in this category.

Bush is a horrible failure at being like Hitler, you would think leftists who pride themselves on being smarter than us conservatives would want to be accurate with such a charge. It's not like they are trying to demonize our president are they?

For anyone with a broken sarcasm meter, I am very happy MY PRESIDENT in no way resembles Adolf Hitler

03 June 2005

Global warming quest abandoned due to Snow

Apparently two global warming activists were trying to cross the Arctic Ocean to bring attention to evil dangers that are associated with global warming. Apparently they had to scrap the idea due to Unexpectedly Heavy Snow Storms and Ununsual Ice conditions in June. I promise I'm not making this up, in fact I couldn't script this stuff better.

Just remember kids Global Warming kills with cold.

01 June 2005

Defense Contractors: Proud Patriots or Scum of Fortune?

First off let me say that I am going to keep this as civil as possible, but I am a little ticked off.

Apparently leaving the military and serving as a contractor in Iraq means you aren't serving your country and in fact you are a bloodsucking Judas only working for your 30 pieces of silver. Well at least that's what IRR soldier thinks of yours truly (At least he said this was his homepage, but who knows the internet is full of cowards). This started when I was conversing with a third blogger about some things he had posted I disagreed with. I believed he and I were having a civil discourse in his comments section, when The counter recruiter chimed into our conversation. Apparently, I am only in Iraq for the money, I don't love my country, I don't respect the Constitution, and I'm not a patriot. I also learned that I love to profit off of human misery and suffering and I enjoy a perpetual state of war. Finally I apparently do not deserve any body armor when I go to Iraq, and I am a disgrace. This guy sure figured me out without knowing one thing about me or the motives behind my going to Iraq. I wish this guy would stop bottling it in and tell me what he really thinks of me or get a job with the Psychic Friends Network, whichever he thinks is best.

Well Counter Recruiter, let's discuss what I have to do to get my 30 pieces of silver. First of all I have to get all the shots the soldiers get, to include smallpox, anthrax and all the other fun germs pumped into my body. I am subject to CRC training which includes Convoy training, Mine clearing, reacting under fire, UXO marking and disposal, and a host of other training deploying soldiers receive. That is nothing compared to what the men and women of Iraq are going through, but for someone that is motivated by greed, where's the payback? After I complete the CRC training I fly to Kuwait, and then into Iraq. I travel in convoys just like the soldiers do, sometimes a few times a day to different remote FOB's to do my job. Here's the kicker Counter Recruiter, I am unarmed, at all times. Due to my Geneva Convention status I am not allowed to carry a weapon. Does that make me better or more a person than soldiers? OF COURSE NOT, but a greedy person must also be crazy to roll through Iraq like that. I'm pretty sure you have never been to Iraq counter recruiter, or else you would not be so critical of someone that has.

I mention to people that this is my third time, not to get sympathy, but out of pride. I am proud of what I do, I have been doing it for 5 years now, well before 9/11, so your claim I do this job for profit and perpetual war rings false. I do this because I love my country. I love soldiers, they are the finest men and women I have ever known. I am proud to serve with them in ANY CAPACITY. If I was cooking the food for them, I would be just as inspired by them as I am now. The money is nice, I am nothing but honest, but I go because of them. Everyday they get out there and they protect OUR freedoms, that's right, yours and mine. They protect our freedoms and they fight our enemies. EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN DAY! They get out there and they fight, they miss their wives, and their children and their parents, but they do their duty. They do more than we expect with less than we give them to do it. And people like you are a germ on our society, you are entitled to free speech but they provide it, sites like yours disgust me. You apparently take great delight in the current recruitment problem, you who claim to be a veteran, someone who defended freedom are now working to deny the freedom to our military recruiters to recruit on school campuses. What kind of dirtbag serves his nation and then helps the enemies of that nation to cripple the military recruiters trying to do their duty?

You questioned my patriotism without even knowing me, you know nothing about me and yet you judged me. Well I now know a lot about you by your attack on a fellow veteran. I am a patriot, I serve because I believe, I believe in a world made better by the good deeds of a good nation, I believe our actions in Iraq represent pure nobility of purpose, something I daresay you could never understand. I believe in a better world than we have ever seen before, where all lovers of freedom are free to live and worship as they wish. I believe in a world free of the theocratic fascism of militant Islam, I am willing to go to Iraq once a year until that goal is achieved. I believe in the Iraqi people's future, a future where they are free of tyranny and terror. And finally I believe in America as a good nation of good people trying to do good things for people elsewhere. A wise man once said if you have the power to change the world and do good, why on earth would you not do?

IRR soldier, I know my worth and I know the worth of my fellow contractors. The actual soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are the heroes of our struggle in Iraq, they along with the Iraqi people are to be held in the highest regard. I am just an ordinary man doing my part to be 10% as heroic as they are. I know I am a patriot and I know I love my country. Forgive me if I feel the same about you as you feel about me.

Freedom isn't free IRR soldier, if you cared, you'd be defending it in Iraq instead of trying to tear down our recruiters.

So for all the readers of this post please sound off and tell me if you think contractors are serving proudly or not.