17 May 2005

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

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This is the Girls Softball team in Baghdad celebrating their victory over a team from Diwaniay. The sacrifices of American soldiers and families in partnership with the Iraqi people made this possible. These girls can celebrate a softball game today instead of hoping Uday or Qusay Hussein don't spot them on the street and decide to rape them or kill them. These girls aren't wear burqa's, they are wearing uniforms of a game they obviously enjoy playing, a game Saddam outlawed as an American Imperialist tool. For me this one picture speaks volumes about the good that has been done in Iraq. It's such a small thing, girls playing softball, but to me it means hope. Tell everyone you know about this, pictures like this are being kept from the American people by a media establishment that seeks to denigrate everything we have sacrificed in Iraq and everything good and decent we stand for.

Hat Tip to Ferid the Great


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