01 May 2005

I've got some DU on my shoe

In the dark corners of the internet there are fevered swamps full of conspiracy theories, where George W. Bush is the ultimate evil, and the men and women serving in Iraq are paid killers that hate all brown skinned people. Most of the realms of the deranged are leftwing in thought and deed. Among the worst is Democratic Underground; a pit of delusion and deception where any moonbat-far-left-wing theory is considered the truth, a sacred gospel according to Michael Moore or Sean Penn. Every week I make it a personal misson (or supreme sacrifice depending on your point of view) to mount an expedition into the native denizens in their enviroment of hatred and lunacy. After visiting this place I usually need a long hot shower, and some disinfectant. Afterwards I am forced to burn the clothes I wore out of fear of lethal contamination from the diseases of moonbat syndrome . My proverbial mud-wading boots are fouled with a filth created out of left-wing sympathy for terrorists and their hatred of America. It's quite an unnerving experience and few believe my tales of insanity. So as a public service I have decided to post the findings of my various expeditions into the heart of liberal darkness.


Today I attempted to delve deeply into the latest breaking news biome, and my findings were shocking. Recently Sergeant Hasan Akbar was sentenced to death for murdering fellow American soldiers in cold blood before the invasion of Iraq. You would think everyone with a sense of justice would applaud the sentence handed down to the man that betrayed his fellow soldiers. Well DU found reason to take exception to his sentence, just follow me down the rabbit hole and see how mad they truly are. To be fair, there are a number of people applauding this death sentence, but it is the ones outraged by it that demonstrate the overall moral deficiency Democratic Underground is famous for. Here are a few of the more choice comments with a rebuttal by me afterwards:

  • shadowknows69: I think his color and heritage totally have to do with it.
    I don't see them executing Private Jones or Baker.

  • caelestis: Right, because Private Jones and Baker tried to kill their chain of command...... The point is, Sgt. Akbar went after his fellow men in uniform in a calculated manner. Ethnicity and religion have nothing to do with this, several white service members have been court martialed and given serious punishments for their actions. But only those on the left would try and make Sgt. Akbar a poster child of racism, much like their failed attempt with Mumia Abu Jamal

  • LynntheDem: And when they murder Iraqis (or Canadian troops), they get a slap on the
    wrist. Oh that's right; Americans = uber menschen

  • Caelestis: Lynn you are my favorite specimen on DU, you claim to be the wife of a military officer, yet every chance you get, you call American soldiers war mongers, murderers, war criminals, and the deviants of society. If you are the wife of an American Army officer, I pray to God everyday that I was not forced to serve with your husband as you say your theories all come from him. But what's more important, Lynn, is that American Air Force pilots were punished for killing those Canadians and several American have been punished for killing Iraqi's. You who are suppose to embody the virtues of a military spouse failing to see that an American soldier killing his brothers is not more heinous than the aforementioned cases frightens me. It required a stronger punishment because it is a worse crime, the incident with the Canadians was an accident, the various Americans convicted of crimes in Iraq were in many cases misunderstandings of the rules of engagement, this is cold blooded murder Lynn, an American NCO set out to kill as many of his fellow soldiers as possible. That is worse, far worse than any other crime that has been commited by American military personnel whether purposeful or accidental. God help the men that serve with your husband if these views are truly his as you claim.

  • Dangerman: OK, let me get this straight...A bunch of guys got cleared for murdering innocent IRAQI civilians, yet this guy got the DP for murdering AMERICAN soldiers?This doesn't make sense.

  • Caelestis: Which American guys set out to murder Iraqis premeditativly and got away with it? Can you enlighten me to these stories? Any help would be appreciated as I have failed to find an instance where an American soldier or marine set out to kill as any Iraqis as he could. I guess I missed the court martial and the media firestorm from the premeditated act of barbarism, could you help a brother out?

So, there you have it, some of the more exotic creatures at DU are actually upset that Sgt Akbar got the death penalty for murdering his fellow soldiers. That's it folks, I need a hot shower, reading that tripe makes me feel so dirty. I really am speechless after I leave that place, especially when I see people siding with a man that murdered his brothers in arms. Sometimes I have to turn off the computer and remember that even psychotic moonbats that hate their country deserve free speech. They do deserve it, but sometimes I have to wonder if they realize how lucky they are to live in the land of free and the home of the brave. Until the next expedition, I'll be in the shower with a scrub brush and some clorox.


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