11 May 2005

DU says Al Qaeda does not exist.

Good afternoon loyal readers, my latest expedition to Democratic Underground has uncovered the greatest conspiracy theory of all time. And that conspiracy is Al Qaeda does not exist! That's right folks, Al Qaeda is not real, they are a Bush/Rovian concoction they do not exist. The paranoid moonbats over at DU have outdone themselves this time, I mean this one takes the cake. The world's most dangerous terrorist organization is not real in the minds of the fevered leftists that call that site their home. Think about what that means, apparently 9/11 was staged by someone other than Al Qaeda since Al Qaeda does not exist, apparently Zarqawi is not real since he is part of a terror group that is pure fiction. And apparently Osama bin Laden is really a kindly old grandfather that is a scapegoat for imperialist American foreign policy. I have only one thing to say about all of that. Holy Freaking Shit Batman, how many bong hits do you have to take to come to the conclusion Al Qaeda is not real? How insane and demented do you to have to be to come to these conclusions? . On the other hand, these are the same people that think Bush stole the election, that the very French looking John Kerry is a war hero and that Bill Clinton did not stain the Oval Office with his shenanigans. So you think old Caelestis is lying to you? Well go read this if you think I'm pulling your leg.

A lot of times when I'm cleaning off the slime and muck from my visit to DU, I take the time to actually reread the comments that come out of their mouths. It provides for an interesting experience in altered states of reality, I mean how crazy do you have to be to be happy that Pat Tilman died, or to actually rationally conclude Al Qaeda is a myth? Ponder that question for a minute while you check out these quotes:

ElsewheresDaughter:(Al Qaeda is) on the bushco payroll

dbeach: All CIA Duh..thanx for polling 9/11/01 to 4/11/04 = 911 days, its all black ops so the Nazis could slowly rise to power and complete the coup which began 11/22/63 and on to 11/00 to 9/11/01 to 11/02/04 to 5/10/05 when Real IDs passed..the US Constitution and Bill of Rights are gone..

Fredrik: Yes, the "terror cells"... That was always complete bullshit. Be afraid, very afraid

oblivious: It's an administrative convenience

carnie_sf : A republican front that's trotted out whenever the administration needs to scare the populace into submission

Jara sang: CIA no question about it.

yella_dawg: A real terrorist organization that was organized, trained, and funded by the US with the original goal of sabotaging the Russian effort in Afghanistan, and later used to execute "constructive" violence in the Mid East. Osama met with CIA higher-ups only a few months prior to 9-11. A documented cash transfer, in the same time frame, from CIA to the terrorists, via Pakistani intelligence emphasizes this connection. Al CIA-da is the more proper spelling.

sloppyliberal : Al Qaeda - Allegedly involved in US embassy attacks in 1998. Allegedly involved in the attack on the USS Cole. Alleged to have carried out group of hijackings 9/11. No claims of responsibility. Its just simply not the MO of a terrorist organization.

So from the mouths of idiots we get that Bush is behind Al Qaeda, when I go to DU, I never know whether to laugh at the level of insanity that passes for rational thought there, or whether to cry that so many of my fellow Americans are so deluded and so hateful towards their own country. It's really tragic that so many people hate our soldiers, hate our President and hate our country. I hope one day they understand that America is the good guy. I sincerely hope they realize that most basic of truths.


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