25 May 2005

Congress to let military do its job

Well, well, well, it seems those good idea fairies that masquerade as our legislative branch finally got one right. The GOP-controlled House decided Wednesday to let the Pentagon continue deciding military jobs for women, as long as defense officials give Congress advance word on any changes.

Now I'm a die hard conservative, but I was furious that Congress was going to butt in and decide what jobs women could and could not do. I was worried for a split second that the GOP had given in to reverse feminism, in other words that Republicans had decided to ignore the sacrifices of thousands of young women in our armed forces. I'm probably one of the few veterans that favor women being able to be on the front lines, and my reason has nothing to do with feminism or some asinine liberal PC scheme. I have been to Iraq twice, I have been fired at by insurgents and I have seen men and women equally perform above and beyond their rank, age or gender. How dare Congress try and tell the military where it can and can't assign its people. Last time I checked Congress was not in charge of the day to day functions of the United States military nor was Congress in charge of PERSCOM. I think women in our armed forces have earned the right to man a .50 cal on a convoy or be a combat medic on a patrol and anyone that disagrees needs to pick up a rifle and take their place.

Don't get me wrong, I was in the Army and I don't believe the military should be used as a laboratory for social engineering on gender equality, but at the same time I don't believe that the sacrifices made in war should only be made by those with a Y chromosome. Our nation is 229 year old this July, what better gift can we give to ourselves than a country where both the men and women are not only willing but ABLE to shed blood in the defense of freedom and the pursuit of the American ideal of Liberty and Justice for all.


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