25 April 2005

So what am I listening to on my IPOD

This seems to be the vogue thing right now on blogs, you post your musical favorites at this time and let other people tell you how much your musical taste sucks. So I thought I'd post the top 20 songs on my IPOD right now.

20. New Order: True Faith
19. Something Like Silas: In the Burning
18. Dredg: Move On
17. Coheed and Cambria: A Favor House Atlantic
16. Toby Keith: American Soldier
15. Journey: Only the Young
14.Brand New: The Quiet Things No One Knows
13. Ever Stays Red: I'll Tell the World
12.New Order: Bizarre Love Triangle
11. Mazzy Starr: Fade into You
10.AC/DC : Thunderstruck
9. Dashboard Confessionals: Screaming Infidelities
8. Radial Angel: Beautiful
7. Re:zound: Breathe
6. A Perfect Circle: The Hollow
5. Tool: Aenima
4. Emery: Walls
3. Depeche Mode: Enjoy the Silence
2. Dredg: The Canyon Behind Her
1. Emery: Fractions


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