28 April 2005

No Gender Gap in wartime

Just a quick post today, I'm actually quite busy with work. I joined the military right when they integrated basic training by gender. I was happy to train with women and to serve with them. This veteran personally believes if a woman can meet the Male standard (which should just be called the standard) then she should be able to serve in combat units. If she can hump a 90 pound ruck, shoot worth a damn, and pass the other MOS specific requirements, I say let her serve. We as a nation were created with equality for all being our guiding principle. So with that being said, women are already fighting on the front line in Iraq. This article from USA Today highlights a few of them. Take a second and go see that heroes are not gender specific, check it out here.

To all my fellow veterans and those still on active duty, we must always remember our sacrifices keep this country free, man or woman if you wear the uniform you are a warrior.

"Always Out Front"


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