25 April 2005

Marla Ruzicka: American Do-Gooder or Insurgent Sympathizer?

Last week in Iraq, a 28 year old woman, Marla Ruzicka was killed by a car bomb while she was traveling in Baghdad. Her death stood out due to the cause she was there to aid and the media's reaction to her death. She was the founding member of CIVIC a group dedicated in their own words to " mitigate the impact of the conflict and its aftermath on the people of Iraq by ensuring that timely and effective life-saving assistance is provided to those in need." Marla was in the vanguard of this effort and had spent much time in Afghanistan and Iraq. Sounds like she was a real candidate for sainthood, until one digs deeper and finds the visceral anti-Americanism of those she allied herself with.

Upon her death the media fawned over her as the poster child of Do-Gooder activism, heaping accolades upon her with CBS calling her a passionate defender of war victims. Actor and loonie lefty Sean Penn called her one of his heroes and attended her funeral. The New York Times in its customary pandering to its extreme left wing readers called her" someone who operated at the higest level of humanity." The accolades continued on and on, but the punchline to this media love fest with Marla Ruzicka is that no one bothered to see what she actually did and who she allied herself with. Well almost nobody dug deeper into Marla's work.

Debbie Schlussel over at FrontPage Magazine did her homework on Marla and the finding are shocking.

Apparently Marla wasn't the blond California angel the media made her out to be. Read the article for an eyeopening experience. Here are a few of the mind blowing facts in Schlussels article:

  • Many of the dead that Marla helped get financial benefits included assorted terrorists, jihadists, and other collaborators and uprisers against Americans.
  • Ruzicka went to Iraq as an activist for Code Pink. For those who don't know Code Pink is a Marxist Support Group that worships at the altar of Fidel Castro and coincidentally have ties to environmental terrorist groups such as (Animal Liberation Front and Environmental Liberation Front).

Code Pink was in Iraq in October 2002, months before U.S. troops invaded in March 2003. Code Pink acted as human shields guarding Saddams factories and refineries and as anti-American protesters in the Iraqi streets. But it gets even better, Not only does Code Pink love Saddam, they helped the butchers responsible for killing four American contractors and hanging their bodies from a bridge in Fallujah. How did they help them? Well Code Pink helped them receive$650,000 not bad for killing 4 Americans who's crime was that they were in Iraq to help feed people. So Marla Ruzicka's allies in Iraq loved Saddam, hated us for freeing the Iraqi people, and helped give money to our enemies in Iraq. Poor innocent Marla was just trying to help the Iraqi people...........by screwing over the American people and aiding and abetting our enemies. The same enemies that are killing Iraqis daily, you know the Iraqis who only want a better life for themselves and their children.

Imagine if our media was actually not biased, the American people might have learned that the latest media darling was working for the other side, you know those guys who attacked us on 9/11. The ones that want to kill us because we are infidels, surely the media remembers them. That pretty California blonde as the media repeatedly described her, that little lamb that worked her heart out to help people, who knew she was friends with people that want to kill Americans.

Nice company innocent poor Marla kept isn't it? Almost makes me sad about her fate, she was helping our enemies that seek to keep the Iraqi people enslaved. Maybe some of that blood money she helped secure for insurgents was used to make the bomb that killed her. A life snuffed out is always sad but as a wise man once said Karma is a real bitch.

RIP Marla Ruzicka

May you find peace in the afterlife and may you realize that there is evil and there is good, America represents one and it ain't evil.


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