27 April 2005

In Defense of Debbie Schlussel

Recently I wrote something about Marla Ruzicka and her anti-American activities. I used a piece by columnist and former talk show host Debbie Schlussel that was published on FrontPage Mag, David Horowitz's website that gave me most of my material. I found it an interesting read where Ms. Schlussel pointed out Marla Ruzicka's dealings with Code Pink a Pro-Castro anti-American organization. If you want to read Ms. Schlussel's article, go here and check it out for yourself.

This brings me to the point of this post, everyone's least favorite antiwar, anti-Israel, anti-American, conspiracy nut Justin Raimondo has published a piece where he calls for the ostracizing of Ms. Schlussel. Before I continue I think a few things about Justin should be discussed. First of all Justin is a gay man, not that there is anything wrong with that, but I could understand his hatred of Ms. Schlussel. I mean what gay man doesn't feel threatened when a beautiful intelligent blonde like Debbie is in the neighborhood. Don't worry Justin I'm sure Ms. Schlussel isn't going to go after any of your boy toys. Secondly Mr. Raimondo is a nut of the first class, some of his more interesting claims are that The Patriot Act installed a dictatorship, his personal favorite crackpot theory that Israel is really our enemy and that they had a hand in 9/11. Instances of this delusion can be found here, here, here and here. Mr. Raimondo also believes that Conservatives of today are fascists who seek to destroy America. Finally we come to today's piece, basically he wrote a hit piece on Debbie Schlussel, where Mr. Raimondo launches into delusional tirade after tirade. I'll post some of his rants and then give a little rebuttal myself.

  • Raimondo: Yeah, Debbie, Marla was a real blonde, unlike your haggish self. And she was young , again, unlike yourself, in spite of the few pounds of makeup you slosh on your tired old forty-if-you're-a-day face.

  • Caelestis: Justin, have you looked in a mirror lately my man? You are an old bitter gay man that lives in San Francisco. You have smoked until your face looks like beef jerky that's been left out in the desert. As for Ms. Schlussel, she's quite attractive but like I said earlier I do understand why a gay fella like you, might feel intimidated by a woman like Debbie.

  • Raimondo: I want to apologize to my readers for making them wade through Schlussel's river of sh*t , but we have to look straight in the face of evil if we want to be able to overcome it

  • Caelestis: You are finally right about something Justin. We do have to look at the face of evil to overcome it. But you are that evil Justin, you and people like Marla Ruzicka, not people like George W. Bush or Debbie Schlussel. You Justin are the one saying Israel had a hand in 9/11, you are the one saying that America is becoming a fascist nation even though there is no proof, you Justin are the piece of trash saying Our brave men and women in uniform are killing Iraqis for sport. You even admit you are not on the side of our military. Well thank you for miracles lord, an anti-American idiot actually admits he has taken the side against our soldiers. You are the evil Justin, you are infected with the disease that is rampant in the American left, hatred of this country is going to destroy the left and you Justin are going down with them.

  • Raimondo: Schlussel dances on Marla's grave, defying all the rules of logic and moral sense, shrieking all the while that the death of this young saint is "justice." This is brazen evil: an uglier sight would be hard to imagine.

  • Caelestis: I don't know Raimondo, calling our soldiers murderers and openly stating you aren't on their side is pretty ugly. Telling the President to Go F*%k yourself is pretty ugly Justin, asking our soldiers to disobey the orders of the President in wartime is treason Justin, that's as ugly as it gets.

  • Raimondo: That a woman like Schlussel has any voice, any forum, in which to broadcast her hate is scary in and of itself.

  • Caelestis: Really? Is it any scarier than a guy like you Justin that has a voice to spread lies and hate about Israel, supporters of the President, and a blond Jewish woman that called an anti- American spade like Ruzicka a spade?

  • Raimondo: It's time to draw the line against this increasingly assertive evil by making an example out of Schlussel. Her piece goes way over the line, and those who posted it and approved it have to take a share of the responsibility.

  • Caelestis: "Are you serious comrade? Shall we use our power to silence this woman from practicing her first amendment right? It's a very good plan comrade, while we are silencing her right to free speech, maybe we can burn her at the stake for daring to tell the truth about someone like Marla Ruzicka. That would be excellent comrade, by the way I picked up these shirts for you, I hope they are brown enough and that they fit you." Come on Raimondo, I thought you were a "old school libertarian conservative" shouldn't all speech be protected? Or are you really like a typical leftist ( a claim that you deny) and you want to silence those who disagree with you.

  • Raimondo: Schlussel has a column at "Conservative Town Hall" and she writes frequently for the New York Post. Write to these folks, send them a copy of Schlussel's "dance of death" column, and politely inquire as to whether this is the sort of columnist they think ought to be gracing their pages.

  • Caelestis: Interesting, yes let's work to get a woman fired for having her own opinion. At least you know how to behave like a totalitarian leftist, if someone says something you don't like, go after their livelihood. Good job Mr. Raimondo, at least there are no doubts about you and your true political affiliation.

So, there you have it, Justin Raimondo, founder of Antiwar has come out of the closet , No, not the sexual closet, he did that a long time ago, he came out of the closet with his beliefs. He has defended those who support insurgents in their quest to kill American heroes, he has routinely called one of our staunchest allies an enemy of America, and he has acted in a typically leftist fashion and asked for a woman to be punished for expressing her opinion, something he says the GOP is always trying to do.

People like Justin Raimondo used to worry me, until I realized a basic truth. Raimondo, you and people like Chomsky and Alan Bock and Lew Rockwell are jokes, you are on the fringes of American society and no one takes you seriously. How pathetic are you, to attack a woman for doing nothing more than trying to shed some light on a fake hero created by the media to champion their own left wing biases. Now be a good little leftist and go hug an Islamic fundamentalist, you have a lot in common.


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