25 April 2005

Good news from Iraq part 26

Where would we be without the blogosphere? Well unless you had served in Iraq or had a family member or close friend who did, you'd probably be an America hating zombie, just like the "Mainstream Media" wants you to be. Excuse while I retch, I have a habit of vomiting everytime I have to type the words Mainstream media. Anyway Arthur Chrenkoff is bringing us another update from his blog. He is probably one of the best bloggers out there at giving us the real skinny on happenings in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have a multi billion dollar free press and yet the best source for the ground truth from the frontlines of the War on Terror is a guy blogging from his house in his pajamas. Or whatever it is Mr. Chrenkoff prefers to wear while he types. Anyway the new installment on the positive work being done in Iraq can be found here. Check it out and see what the media refuses to tell you.


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