25 April 2005

Afghanistan to send troops to Iraq

File this in the "Freedom is on the March" folder. Afghanistan has decided to send troops to Iraq, no numbers are available yet, nor is a timetable in place. That being said, let's examine this for a minute. Afghanistan a country that 4 years ago was under the dominion of the Taliban is now going to join the U.S. and the Coalition in the efforts to sustain the new Iraqi democracy. I have always felt that Afghanistan was going to blossom into a state that realizes that some things are worth fighting and dying for. Iraq is one of those things, or more to the point the Iraqis are worth it. In both of my tours in Iraq I came to know and embrace the Iraqi people, they want what the rest of us (including the brave Afghans ) want. We all want a chance at a better world, a world that embraces the freedom to live one's life as he or she sees fit, a better world than has ever been seen before where men and women live in mutual respect of each other, not fear or hatred of the other sex. Iraqis and afghans want a better world for their children, something all good people around the world want for their offspring.

This is historic, it's one of those little news blurbs that no one pays attention to but should be remembered as a turning point in this war. Afghan soldiers who just a few short years ago were at the mercy of an evil regime that would kill you if your beard was too short or if they caught you dancing are now standing with the forces of freedom in Iraq. The soldiers of the ANA are crossing over to stand with those who have stand for freedom, who stand against the moral degeneration that is Islamic fundamentalism. They are joining those of us who seek out the best in mankind, not the worst, history has called all men and women of righteousness to stand up and be counted against a dark force that desires nothing but death for its foes, that worships nothing but hate, and provides nothing but destruction and despair. Soldiers of Afghanistan, I salute you for your bravery and your dedication to the cause of freedom.


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