28 April 2005

No Gender Gap in wartime

Just a quick post today, I'm actually quite busy with work. I joined the military right when they integrated basic training by gender. I was happy to train with women and to serve with them. This veteran personally believes if a woman can meet the Male standard (which should just be called the standard) then she should be able to serve in combat units. If she can hump a 90 pound ruck, shoot worth a damn, and pass the other MOS specific requirements, I say let her serve. We as a nation were created with equality for all being our guiding principle. So with that being said, women are already fighting on the front line in Iraq. This article from USA Today highlights a few of them. Take a second and go see that heroes are not gender specific, check it out here.

To all my fellow veterans and those still on active duty, we must always remember our sacrifices keep this country free, man or woman if you wear the uniform you are a warrior.

"Always Out Front"

27 April 2005

Hollywood foot in mouth disease

Another new feature here at TMSR (The Makaha surf Report) for the acronym challenged. It seems like actors and actresses in Hollywood have a congenital disease, they are always sticking their feet in their mouths and saying something bad about our great country or displaying their own lack of intelligence. So for the first installment, we'll call it a young actress triple play.

First and foremost, Eva Green the young French woman playing opposite Orlando Bloom in the Crusader Flick "Kingdom of Heaven" has some opinions about Americans critical thinking skills. In that left wing rag some people call the New York Times, Ms. Green said she hopes the movie wakes up us dumb Americans, in her words she hopes the movie will "make us more open and tolerant of the Arab people." She really said it, check it out here.

So Ms. Green I guess that whole 9/11 thing should be forgotten, right? I mean if only we were more open and tolerant like France we might have the peaceful lifestyle the French have with their muslims. Of course Ms. Green, if we were only more open and tolerant we too could have millions of angry unemployed muslims attacking people on the streets. Tell you what Eva just keep smiling that smile and looking pretty on the big screen and leave the politics to people that live in reality.

Next up we have Ms. Maggie Gyllenhaal who last week at the tribecas film festival made it clear she's been to the Sean Penn and Michael Moore School of American History. According to Ms. Gyllenhaal, we the United States caused 9/11. Don't believe me, check it out. So I guess with Ms. Gyllenhaal's deductive reasoning we can conclude the following; America caused 9/11, Saddam is just misunderstood, and Osama Bin Laden is really a kindly grandfather that the evil American government is trying to kill. I actually heard Ms. Gyllenhaal tell some people recently at a dinner party that it really was over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

And finally we have the Cameron Diaz/ Drew Barrymore double play of immense ignorance. According to CNS Diaz and Barrymore broke the moron barrier once only the domain of Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins in record time. A few of their insightful comments were:

  • Barrymore: Actress Drew Barrymore, who reportedly earns $15 million a film, told MTV viewers in one episode that after spending time in a primitive, electricity-free Chilean village, "I aspire to be like them more." Barrymore, apparently enthralled by the lack of a modern sanitary facilities, gleefully bragged, "I took a poo in the woods hunched over like an animal. It was awesome."

Hey Drew, I was "poo-ing" in a metal can we made out of an Iraqi oil drum for months at a time back in 2003. Awesome is one word I would not choose to assign to the experience. Unsanitary and Gross are closer to the truth. But I must remember don't have good judgement skills, you did date Tom Green.

  • Diaz: The 32-year-old Diaz, who earns a reported $20-million a movie, boasted that the cow-dung slathered walls of a Nepalese village hut were "beautiful" and "inspiring," and she called the primitive practice of "pounding mud" with sticks to construct a building foundation "the coolest thing." Diaz also criticized the lifestyles of many Americans after visiting an indigenous village in Chile. "It's kinda gotten out of hand how much convenience we think we need," she said

WOW , so a little fecal matter on the walls and you are right at home? Man girl, you are nasty. You know I really can't comment on this one, I'm just speechless. Cameron when you aren't dazzling me with your butt shaking skills in Charlies's Angels, you are showing off your private side when you talk about your love of feces covered dwellings.

That's all folks, I can't take anymore, and to think these people (minus Eva Green) are America's face to the world, and we wonder why they hate us.

Trial lawyers wet dream and worst nightmare all in one

Apparently a gay club tried to keep African Americans from entering. Is anyone else enjoying watching the Gay community destroy the democratic party? Check it out here.

Article is from the Atlanta Journal Constitution (registration required) make sure to use bug me not to bypass the registration.

In Defense of Debbie Schlussel

Recently I wrote something about Marla Ruzicka and her anti-American activities. I used a piece by columnist and former talk show host Debbie Schlussel that was published on FrontPage Mag, David Horowitz's website that gave me most of my material. I found it an interesting read where Ms. Schlussel pointed out Marla Ruzicka's dealings with Code Pink a Pro-Castro anti-American organization. If you want to read Ms. Schlussel's article, go here and check it out for yourself.

This brings me to the point of this post, everyone's least favorite antiwar, anti-Israel, anti-American, conspiracy nut Justin Raimondo has published a piece where he calls for the ostracizing of Ms. Schlussel. Before I continue I think a few things about Justin should be discussed. First of all Justin is a gay man, not that there is anything wrong with that, but I could understand his hatred of Ms. Schlussel. I mean what gay man doesn't feel threatened when a beautiful intelligent blonde like Debbie is in the neighborhood. Don't worry Justin I'm sure Ms. Schlussel isn't going to go after any of your boy toys. Secondly Mr. Raimondo is a nut of the first class, some of his more interesting claims are that The Patriot Act installed a dictatorship, his personal favorite crackpot theory that Israel is really our enemy and that they had a hand in 9/11. Instances of this delusion can be found here, here, here and here. Mr. Raimondo also believes that Conservatives of today are fascists who seek to destroy America. Finally we come to today's piece, basically he wrote a hit piece on Debbie Schlussel, where Mr. Raimondo launches into delusional tirade after tirade. I'll post some of his rants and then give a little rebuttal myself.

  • Raimondo: Yeah, Debbie, Marla was a real blonde, unlike your haggish self. And she was young , again, unlike yourself, in spite of the few pounds of makeup you slosh on your tired old forty-if-you're-a-day face.

  • Caelestis: Justin, have you looked in a mirror lately my man? You are an old bitter gay man that lives in San Francisco. You have smoked until your face looks like beef jerky that's been left out in the desert. As for Ms. Schlussel, she's quite attractive but like I said earlier I do understand why a gay fella like you, might feel intimidated by a woman like Debbie.

  • Raimondo: I want to apologize to my readers for making them wade through Schlussel's river of sh*t , but we have to look straight in the face of evil if we want to be able to overcome it

  • Caelestis: You are finally right about something Justin. We do have to look at the face of evil to overcome it. But you are that evil Justin, you and people like Marla Ruzicka, not people like George W. Bush or Debbie Schlussel. You Justin are the one saying Israel had a hand in 9/11, you are the one saying that America is becoming a fascist nation even though there is no proof, you Justin are the piece of trash saying Our brave men and women in uniform are killing Iraqis for sport. You even admit you are not on the side of our military. Well thank you for miracles lord, an anti-American idiot actually admits he has taken the side against our soldiers. You are the evil Justin, you are infected with the disease that is rampant in the American left, hatred of this country is going to destroy the left and you Justin are going down with them.

  • Raimondo: Schlussel dances on Marla's grave, defying all the rules of logic and moral sense, shrieking all the while that the death of this young saint is "justice." This is brazen evil: an uglier sight would be hard to imagine.

  • Caelestis: I don't know Raimondo, calling our soldiers murderers and openly stating you aren't on their side is pretty ugly. Telling the President to Go F*%k yourself is pretty ugly Justin, asking our soldiers to disobey the orders of the President in wartime is treason Justin, that's as ugly as it gets.

  • Raimondo: That a woman like Schlussel has any voice, any forum, in which to broadcast her hate is scary in and of itself.

  • Caelestis: Really? Is it any scarier than a guy like you Justin that has a voice to spread lies and hate about Israel, supporters of the President, and a blond Jewish woman that called an anti- American spade like Ruzicka a spade?

  • Raimondo: It's time to draw the line against this increasingly assertive evil by making an example out of Schlussel. Her piece goes way over the line, and those who posted it and approved it have to take a share of the responsibility.

  • Caelestis: "Are you serious comrade? Shall we use our power to silence this woman from practicing her first amendment right? It's a very good plan comrade, while we are silencing her right to free speech, maybe we can burn her at the stake for daring to tell the truth about someone like Marla Ruzicka. That would be excellent comrade, by the way I picked up these shirts for you, I hope they are brown enough and that they fit you." Come on Raimondo, I thought you were a "old school libertarian conservative" shouldn't all speech be protected? Or are you really like a typical leftist ( a claim that you deny) and you want to silence those who disagree with you.

  • Raimondo: Schlussel has a column at "Conservative Town Hall" and she writes frequently for the New York Post. Write to these folks, send them a copy of Schlussel's "dance of death" column, and politely inquire as to whether this is the sort of columnist they think ought to be gracing their pages.

  • Caelestis: Interesting, yes let's work to get a woman fired for having her own opinion. At least you know how to behave like a totalitarian leftist, if someone says something you don't like, go after their livelihood. Good job Mr. Raimondo, at least there are no doubts about you and your true political affiliation.

So, there you have it, Justin Raimondo, founder of Antiwar has come out of the closet , No, not the sexual closet, he did that a long time ago, he came out of the closet with his beliefs. He has defended those who support insurgents in their quest to kill American heroes, he has routinely called one of our staunchest allies an enemy of America, and he has acted in a typically leftist fashion and asked for a woman to be punished for expressing her opinion, something he says the GOP is always trying to do.

People like Justin Raimondo used to worry me, until I realized a basic truth. Raimondo, you and people like Chomsky and Alan Bock and Lew Rockwell are jokes, you are on the fringes of American society and no one takes you seriously. How pathetic are you, to attack a woman for doing nothing more than trying to shed some light on a fake hero created by the media to champion their own left wing biases. Now be a good little leftist and go hug an Islamic fundamentalist, you have a lot in common.

26 April 2005

The Morning Swell

WASHINGTON - U.S. forces in Iraq believe they just missed capturing most-wanted terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in a February raid that netted two of his associates, a senior U.S. military official said Tuesday.

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- U.S. and Iraqi troops detained more than 130 suspected militants and seized weapons in a series of raids across Iraq this week, the U.S. military said Tuesday. At least 94 of those captured came from the Baghdad area, said Lt. Col. Clifford Kent, a spokesman for Task Force Baghdad. Both weapons and munitions were seized, he said. "You name it, we have it," Kent said. Most of the militants detained in Baghdad were believed to be directly involved in recent attacks in the capital. Two were "specifically targeted as members of an execution cell," the military said in a statement.

BAGHDAD — Sunni Muslim politicians made a bid to get more ministries by dropping their demand Monday to include former members of Saddam Hussein's party in Iraq's new Cabinet.
As leaders of Iraq's main Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish factions continued backroom wheeling and dealing, Prime Minister-designate Ibrahim al-Jaafari again put off his long-promised Cabinet announcement.

DENMARK will keep its troops in Iraq for at least eight months after their current mandate expires at the beginning of June, the foreign ministry said today.It should be possible to reduce the number of Danish troops in Iraq gradually from the current 530 after parliamentary elections there in early 2006, the ministry said in a report on the Danish military role in Iraq.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - An Islamic scholar who prosecutors said enjoyed "rock star" status among a group of young Muslim men in Virginia was convicted Tuesday of exhorting his followers in the days after Sept. 11 to join the Taliban and fight U.S. troops. The convictions against Ali al-Timimi, 41, carry a mandatory minimum sentence of life in prison without parole.

If Democrats weren't afraid to admit the real reasons they are obstructing the nomination of John Bolton to be our next United Nations ambassador, they wouldn't be interposing such embarrassingly lame objections as "John Bolton once yelled at an insubordinate subordinate."
But they are afraid, because their true objections have nothing to do with Bolton's temperament or even his temper, other than that it has sometimes been directed at wimps advocating the wimpish policies liberals adore

President Bush will travel on Air Force One today with House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, a public show of support for the Texas Republican whom Democrats are accusing of ethics violations.

The latest radio ratings are in, and they show continued bad news for Air America, the liberal talk-radio network featuring Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, Janeane Garofolo, and others. While it is difficult to pinpoint Air America's ratings nationally — it is on the air in about 50 stations across the country, and has been on some of them for just the last few months — it is possible to measure the network's performance in the nation's number-one market, New York City.

DALLAS (AP) -- Tracy McGrady had a secret. The only people who knew what he was going to do in the closing seconds of a tie game were his coach and his big man. Pulling off a plan arranged during a previous timeout, McGrady surprised the rest of his Houston Rockets teammates, and all of the Dallas Mavericks, by not stopping the clock and going straight up the court with 10.4 seconds left. With Yao Ming doing his part by setting a screen near the 3-point arc, all McGrady had to do was bury his shot -- which, of course, he did.

25 April 2005

Afghanistan to send troops to Iraq

File this in the "Freedom is on the March" folder. Afghanistan has decided to send troops to Iraq, no numbers are available yet, nor is a timetable in place. That being said, let's examine this for a minute. Afghanistan a country that 4 years ago was under the dominion of the Taliban is now going to join the U.S. and the Coalition in the efforts to sustain the new Iraqi democracy. I have always felt that Afghanistan was going to blossom into a state that realizes that some things are worth fighting and dying for. Iraq is one of those things, or more to the point the Iraqis are worth it. In both of my tours in Iraq I came to know and embrace the Iraqi people, they want what the rest of us (including the brave Afghans ) want. We all want a chance at a better world, a world that embraces the freedom to live one's life as he or she sees fit, a better world than has ever been seen before where men and women live in mutual respect of each other, not fear or hatred of the other sex. Iraqis and afghans want a better world for their children, something all good people around the world want for their offspring.

This is historic, it's one of those little news blurbs that no one pays attention to but should be remembered as a turning point in this war. Afghan soldiers who just a few short years ago were at the mercy of an evil regime that would kill you if your beard was too short or if they caught you dancing are now standing with the forces of freedom in Iraq. The soldiers of the ANA are crossing over to stand with those who have stand for freedom, who stand against the moral degeneration that is Islamic fundamentalism. They are joining those of us who seek out the best in mankind, not the worst, history has called all men and women of righteousness to stand up and be counted against a dark force that desires nothing but death for its foes, that worships nothing but hate, and provides nothing but destruction and despair. Soldiers of Afghanistan, I salute you for your bravery and your dedication to the cause of freedom.

If I was a British voter, how would I vote?

Well Tony Blair has called an election in Merry Olde England, Labour looks like it will squeak out a win, but the Tories are in the thick of it. This website gives you the chance to see how you would vote if you were a Brit. This poll has been taken by a few million Brits and more see themselves as Liberal Democrats (what we in America call Socialists) than Labour or Tories. I took the test myself and surprise, surprise, surprise, I am a Conservative with a positive 63 rating. I am a negative 96 rating for the Liberal Democrats and a -24 For Tony Blair's Labour party.

Take it and see where you stand.

So what am I listening to on my IPOD

This seems to be the vogue thing right now on blogs, you post your musical favorites at this time and let other people tell you how much your musical taste sucks. So I thought I'd post the top 20 songs on my IPOD right now.

20. New Order: True Faith
19. Something Like Silas: In the Burning
18. Dredg: Move On
17. Coheed and Cambria: A Favor House Atlantic
16. Toby Keith: American Soldier
15. Journey: Only the Young
14.Brand New: The Quiet Things No One Knows
13. Ever Stays Red: I'll Tell the World
12.New Order: Bizarre Love Triangle
11. Mazzy Starr: Fade into You
10.AC/DC : Thunderstruck
9. Dashboard Confessionals: Screaming Infidelities
8. Radial Angel: Beautiful
7. Re:zound: Breathe
6. A Perfect Circle: The Hollow
5. Tool: Aenima
4. Emery: Walls
3. Depeche Mode: Enjoy the Silence
2. Dredg: The Canyon Behind Her
1. Emery: Fractions

Good news from Iraq part 26

Where would we be without the blogosphere? Well unless you had served in Iraq or had a family member or close friend who did, you'd probably be an America hating zombie, just like the "Mainstream Media" wants you to be. Excuse while I retch, I have a habit of vomiting everytime I have to type the words Mainstream media. Anyway Arthur Chrenkoff is bringing us another update from his blog. He is probably one of the best bloggers out there at giving us the real skinny on happenings in Iraq and Afghanistan. We have a multi billion dollar free press and yet the best source for the ground truth from the frontlines of the War on Terror is a guy blogging from his house in his pajamas. Or whatever it is Mr. Chrenkoff prefers to wear while he types. Anyway the new installment on the positive work being done in Iraq can be found here. Check it out and see what the media refuses to tell you.

Oahu Surf Report 4/25

Yeah I even post the surf report from time to time. Ok so the Surf Report for Oahu on 4/25 is as follows:

The northwest swell with overhead sets holds through Thursday. A small southerly bump is expected Thursday. Another big northwest swell is expected over the weekend

Surf along north facing shores will lower to 3 to 6 feet Monday.
Surf along west facing shores will lower to 1 to 3 feet Monday.
Surf along east facing shores will be 2 to 4 ft through Monday.
Surf along south facing shores will be 3 to 5 ft through Monday

Good surf for Grommets and other newbies

Marla Ruzicka: American Do-Gooder or Insurgent Sympathizer?

Last week in Iraq, a 28 year old woman, Marla Ruzicka was killed by a car bomb while she was traveling in Baghdad. Her death stood out due to the cause she was there to aid and the media's reaction to her death. She was the founding member of CIVIC a group dedicated in their own words to " mitigate the impact of the conflict and its aftermath on the people of Iraq by ensuring that timely and effective life-saving assistance is provided to those in need." Marla was in the vanguard of this effort and had spent much time in Afghanistan and Iraq. Sounds like she was a real candidate for sainthood, until one digs deeper and finds the visceral anti-Americanism of those she allied herself with.

Upon her death the media fawned over her as the poster child of Do-Gooder activism, heaping accolades upon her with CBS calling her a passionate defender of war victims. Actor and loonie lefty Sean Penn called her one of his heroes and attended her funeral. The New York Times in its customary pandering to its extreme left wing readers called her" someone who operated at the higest level of humanity." The accolades continued on and on, but the punchline to this media love fest with Marla Ruzicka is that no one bothered to see what she actually did and who she allied herself with. Well almost nobody dug deeper into Marla's work.

Debbie Schlussel over at FrontPage Magazine did her homework on Marla and the finding are shocking.

Apparently Marla wasn't the blond California angel the media made her out to be. Read the article for an eyeopening experience. Here are a few of the mind blowing facts in Schlussels article:

  • Many of the dead that Marla helped get financial benefits included assorted terrorists, jihadists, and other collaborators and uprisers against Americans.
  • Ruzicka went to Iraq as an activist for Code Pink. For those who don't know Code Pink is a Marxist Support Group that worships at the altar of Fidel Castro and coincidentally have ties to environmental terrorist groups such as (Animal Liberation Front and Environmental Liberation Front).

Code Pink was in Iraq in October 2002, months before U.S. troops invaded in March 2003. Code Pink acted as human shields guarding Saddams factories and refineries and as anti-American protesters in the Iraqi streets. But it gets even better, Not only does Code Pink love Saddam, they helped the butchers responsible for killing four American contractors and hanging their bodies from a bridge in Fallujah. How did they help them? Well Code Pink helped them receive$650,000 not bad for killing 4 Americans who's crime was that they were in Iraq to help feed people. So Marla Ruzicka's allies in Iraq loved Saddam, hated us for freeing the Iraqi people, and helped give money to our enemies in Iraq. Poor innocent Marla was just trying to help the Iraqi people...........by screwing over the American people and aiding and abetting our enemies. The same enemies that are killing Iraqis daily, you know the Iraqis who only want a better life for themselves and their children.

Imagine if our media was actually not biased, the American people might have learned that the latest media darling was working for the other side, you know those guys who attacked us on 9/11. The ones that want to kill us because we are infidels, surely the media remembers them. That pretty California blonde as the media repeatedly described her, that little lamb that worked her heart out to help people, who knew she was friends with people that want to kill Americans.

Nice company innocent poor Marla kept isn't it? Almost makes me sad about her fate, she was helping our enemies that seek to keep the Iraqi people enslaved. Maybe some of that blood money she helped secure for insurgents was used to make the bomb that killed her. A life snuffed out is always sad but as a wise man once said Karma is a real bitch.

RIP Marla Ruzicka

May you find peace in the afterlife and may you realize that there is evil and there is good, America represents one and it ain't evil.

Tired of Registering for News Websites?

I know I am, so in the spirit of freedom I present a site many of you may be aware of. Bug Me Not This site is awesome, no more giving personnel info to the New York Times, no more Washington Post run around just to read a damn story. Use it in good health and enjoy.

24 April 2005

The Morning Swell

This is a new regular feature that will be the mornings early news stories. I'll try to make this a daily feature.

Insurgent Violence Escalates In Iraq

BAGHDAD, April 23 -- Violence is escalating sharply in Iraq after a period of relative calm that followed the January elections. Bombings, ambushes and kidnappings targeting Iraqis and foreigners, both troops and civilians, have surged this month while the new Iraqi government is caught up in power struggles over cabinet positions

GOP has votes for Nuclear option

Senate Majority Whip Mitch McConnell said yesterday that Republicans have enough votes to invoke the "nuclear option" to limit Democrats' ability to stall by filibuster consideration of President Bush's nominees for federal appeals courts.

After 29 Years Syria leaves Lebanon for good

Syria's 29-year military domination of Lebanon effectively ended yesterday as all but a token force of troops quit the country before a final ceremonial withdrawal tomorrow. With just 36 hours left before the United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, delivers a report on the pullout to the Security Council, hundreds of army cars left in convoy for Syria

French go Brit-bashing to rescue EU ‘yes’ vote

A rising star of the French right has turned on Britain in an increasingly desperate campaign to win backing for the European Union constitution, which is expected to be rejected in a referendum on May 29. Until now, Britain-bashing in the French referendum battle had been the preserve of the predominantly leftist “no” campaigners who regard the constitution as a “Trojan horse” for “Anglo-Saxon free market savagery” and like to proclaim: “No to the Europe of Tony Blair!”

Dodd urges Bolton withdraw as nominee for U.N.

WASHINGTON -- President Bush's choice to be U.S. ambassador to the United Nations should withdraw from consideration or risk embarrassing the president, a Senate Democrat said Sunday. The White House said it stood by John R. Bolton.

A Republican colleague said "it's too close to call" as to whether the Senate will confirm Bolton, who awaits a vote by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on May 12.
Haloscan commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

13 April 2005

About me

I'm looking forward to getting this blog fired up in a few days, I'm adding some things, links mostly, but I'm trying to personalize the blog. So today I thought I'd add a little bit about myself.

Name: Jay (Last name withheld for internet security reasons)
Marital Status: Married for 7 years to the most awesome woman in the world.
Kids: Not yet, but I'm working on it
Pets: 4 Dogs and 1 cat.

1 female Basenji/Jack Russell mix
1 female Lab Mix
1 female Blue heeler mix
1 male Lhaso Apso

1 Female Brown tabby cat

Occupation: Defense Contractor
I drive: A 2005 Scion TC

Personal Stats:

Height: 5'7
Weight: 170 pounds
Hair color: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Ethnicity: Polish, German, Welsh, Dutch
Age: 30
Birthday: 10/22/74
Residence: Oahu, Hawaii, USA
Military Status: Army Veteran was a 96B Intelligence analyst

12 April 2005

Just getting setup

I am working on getting all my links setup and making sure the site looks good. I hope to start posting in earnest no later than friday.

08 April 2005

So here we go

This is my third attempt to get a blog up and running, let's see if the Chaos in my life will make it fail or not.